Stranger Things

Stranger Things
Stranger Things

One summer can change everything. Stranger Things 3 arrives July 4, 2019 only on Netflix.

  • Alissa Balleux
    Alissa Balleux


  • Mohammad Qa'an Ali
    Mohammad Qa'an Ali

    First Steve was the most badass💓

  • Noorjahan Kamaldeen
    Noorjahan Kamaldeen

    There is no America without erica There is no Michael without el

  • game fever
    game fever

    Can't wait

  • Rania lina
    Rania lina

    Poor Steve 😔🥺💔

  • Spicy Meatball
    Spicy Meatball

    The dislikes are likes from the upside down

  • finxe anita
    finxe anita

    I never realized that this is jasmine from on my block

  • zeynep çınar
    zeynep çınar

    2:40 did Will see the MindFlyer🤔🕷

  • Nora Muhari
    Nora Muhari


  • Ella Rejska
    Ella Rejska

    I like Netflix

  • Lil Moon
    Lil Moon

    Why Noah

  • SHINING star
    SHINING star

    2:24 she was cute... And ghost @2:26 Awwww was more cuter

  • رايد

    الي عنده حسابه يكتبه لاهنتو

  • Elena Tziva
    Elena Tziva

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN? The characters THE BEST CHARACTERS in the history will stay to Hawkins and we will never see them again? WTF WTF WTF if it is Season 4 will be the worst

  • Rocky Machhi
    Rocky Machhi

    my best sen

  • nicolas maldonado
    nicolas maldonado

    No me gustan las bancos soy más de barbis

  • Darkzy

    Millie is cute 😍😍😍

  • Legit Gamerz
    Legit Gamerz

    Imagine how annoyed the people who wrote the script are when they mess up on purpose

  • Andrea Scheidt
    Andrea Scheidt

    I love you stranger things ♥️♥️♥️

  • Julie_Letuška

    Can we just talk about the woman that interviewed them? She was so kind and funny.

  • Mio 521
    Mio 521

    I just got one question How tha heck can a Domogorgen see???

  • federico ghedini
    federico ghedini

    Doctors: u only have 2 minutes of life. Me: ok budy

  • Mia Williams
    Mia Williams

    i love stranger things a lot

  • burger bregade
    burger bregade

    Wow so he just got snapped away instead of burned to ash

  • Egg man E
    Egg man E

    Pls play rec room its a var game and im mr.ham

  • тупой человек
    тупой человек

    ееее раша👌🤣

  • Dead Dude
    Dead Dude

    The lat scene was the best for me


    Nobody: Not a single soul: Netflix: -shows me skip intro button-

    • BenDucas

      MINIMUM not skipping it

  • Jatin Kumar
    Jatin Kumar

    relesa date

  • Not You
    Not You

    Re watching this trailer made me feel nostalgic. It reminds me when i got USS butter scotch from bask and robins.

  • Ellie Avery
    Ellie Avery

    Omg he lost weight!!!!

  • Olywer TM
    Olywer TM

    Congrats for 1 mil subs ♥️

  • theGameReaper

    What is with Harbour and Russia?

  • Automatically Nerd
    Automatically Nerd

    Who is just watching on there phone moving around but don’t have ve head set

  • ugh holy fuck
    ugh holy fuck

    Now Steve is my favorite character

  • Talk Show
    Talk Show

    Millie Bobby Brown 😍

  • Yer a wizard harry
    Yer a wizard harry

    I love how hopper is so perfect

  • Finn Wolfhard lover
    Finn Wolfhard lover

    He did won a fight he took out a russion

  • Finn Wolfhard lover
    Finn Wolfhard lover

    Yo that clock means something

  • Finn Wolfhard lover
    Finn Wolfhard lover


  • Finn Wolfhard lover
    Finn Wolfhard lover

    It’s a good thing Hoppers alive but at the same time mike and el 😏😏😏😏😏

  • Finn Wolfhard lover
    Finn Wolfhard lover

    At first I thought stranger things was a boring show because of the beginning of the show was boring and then I saw Finn now look were that got me?

  • Finn Wolfhard lover
    Finn Wolfhard lover

    Millie’s hair is growing so much

  • Finn Wolfhard lover
    Finn Wolfhard lover

    Eeeeeeeeeeeee I love Finn!!!and the show oMg

  • Labiste Fam
    Labiste Fam

    last night this channel subribers are only *999k* now its *1M*

  • Pepylilaroblox

    On my block said they gone probably roast y'all soon On a live But st you where always my og I like both shows

  • soulbi

    The greatest character development lol

  • Niqhtmaare

    Every stranger things character : 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Will : 🧙‍♂️

  • Josh G
    Josh G

    This episode was pretty much the first that's ever made me cry. love the show i feel like a connection to the character's which made the ending that much perfect

  • Sophia Campana
    Sophia Campana

    no matter what you think of the show, everyone can agree on one thing: they have the best teasers and trailers

  • Brayan cox solis
    Brayan cox solis


  • Carter Webster
    Carter Webster

    The door wasn't open THREE INCHES for god sakes

  • SLS

    Me when Stranger Things season 4 comes out: "OMG STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4 IS IN NETFLIX!!" Me: Watches first episode. Also me: Stares at Milly and Noah wear masks and plastic bags. (It's not mean what I'm saying it's just a random dream I had last night..)

  • Rhys Kendal
    Rhys Kendal

    No one: Someone:PISSING HIMSELF

  • - madeleine -
    - madeleine -

    This is the only show that I will never press the “skip intro” button for.

  • 《 GachaGabi 》
    《 GachaGabi 》

    Yooooooooooo- It's Hopper~... But bald- and old...

  • Matilda Osborne
    Matilda Osborne

    0:31 Gaten\Dustin: JEEZUS Finn\Mike: i fell

  • Nitish angral
    Nitish angral

    S1 was tha shit S2 n s3 suck ass

    • BenDucas

      Season 1 was the best for sure

  • TheGirlCalledGem lol
    TheGirlCalledGem lol


  • DJ Talion
    DJ Talion


  • Graphic Novellies!
    Graphic Novellies!

    Netflix: Heya kid wanna skip this intro? Me: Yes Brain: No Me: Yes Brain: N o Me: Y e s Brain: N- Me: *click* Brain: Ahh... So you have chosen... D e a t h

    • BenDucas

      I don’t skip the intro. I love it that much I learned it on the piano

    • Graphic Novellies!
      Graphic Novellies!

      Am I the only kiddo?

  • denaxzs

  • Faanos

    1:57 Jim: iTs yOuR gRaNd-mA 😂😂😂

  • TheBigdaddy1227

    I’m sorry this is a hard word!

  • TheBigdaddy1227

    Get your grandma jajajjajajajjajajajja

  • Justus Green
    Justus Green

    I’d watch any episode they put out. Well only get about 4 seasons. Because no show has many kids that grow and still have the show with them. It stops but who knows.

  • Da War
    Da War

    is still there a denogorgon thing ? i mean a strong one ?

  • Eben Cole
    Eben Cole

    I wish production didn’t stop. Safer I guess

  • Abdo SA
    Abdo SA

    netflix=gayness please netflix stop this shit gayness and the series will be very good

  • war history Dok
    war history Dok

    Epic comrade

  • OfficialColdiman2

    0:31 me on every school production set when the crew leave us alone

  • Arianna Mills
    Arianna Mills

    Netflix - Hoppers Alive ST fandom - ye we know Netflix - shit we need 2 say something else, uhhh, HES BALD

  • Lewis 437
    Lewis 437

    Can someone please tell me why the Russians built their lab in Hawkins, not somewhere else. Why Hawkins?!

  • Holls L
    Holls L


  • Z4PP_light

    Ho is watching at 1 mil subs

  • Kr.Vijayant Singh Chauhan
    Kr.Vijayant Singh Chauhan

    Those dislikes are from the russians...i guess being portrayed as a villain did hurt them till bottom😂😂😂

  • Andy Walter
    Andy Walter

    No ones gonna talk about the fact that mike practically was gonna sacrifice his life for dustins teeth in season 1

  • RiZe myth1cal
    RiZe myth1cal

    This is how many can’t wait until s4 | | .

  • Tyler Shimala
    Tyler Shimala

    Wait have any of you guys seen the series of unfortunate events its on netflix but i am almost sure that the guy at the desk at the arcade is one of count olaf hencmen in the series not the movie i just thought that was cool

  • Boykov Step
    Boykov Step

    Сука мы не плохие

  • Althaf Najad
    Althaf Najad

    Man crossing that railtrack;a man has no name

  • nicolas jaramillo
    nicolas jaramillo

    Who else saw Hawkins on the van and went to Google maps

  • Rick

    Ура он жив, я так и думал что к нам в Россию попал в плен!)

  • Rosendo De Guzman
    Rosendo De Guzman

    Can't wait 🤩😖

  • Bloxy Thunder
    Bloxy Thunder

    1%: Hopper is alive! 99% Hopper is bald. This is Brazil!

  • Anton Steven
    Anton Steven

    No one cares about your comment "skip intro bla bla bla"

  • Ayesha Bashir
    Ayesha Bashir

    I love how gatens bodyguards were also running with him at the end of the video

  • Marc-O-Bot

    Like id you watch in 2020

  • Resham Kaur
    Resham Kaur

    When is session 4 comeing

  • naeem tahir
    naeem tahir

    0:27 no one is on the screen

  • Hatty Bee
    Hatty Bee

    cOFFee and coNTEMpLATion

  • Loser ••
    Loser ••

    at 0:34 someone yells "hopper!" to me it sounds like mike or Johnathan.. so they might be there to rescue him..?

  • Maya Werth
    Maya Werth

    Wuhuuu Hopper is alive😂✌🏼😅💗

  • Frog Face
    Frog Face

    Everybody: stranger things is gonna be the best this season! Joe: If you're little, don't watch it bc its scary.

  • Emmy_ Plays
    Emmy_ Plays

    Omg strangers things?!

  • ItsFireLine /Zahid
    ItsFireLine /Zahid

    The host To everyone:So nice outfit The host to caleb:This is ridiculous

  • Khushboo Hingarajia
    Khushboo Hingarajia

    Hella excitedddddd

  • Ryan Allen
    Ryan Allen


  • Maxi Cavagnaro
    Maxi Cavagnaro

    Creo q Steve siempre fue mi personaje favorito y nunca me di cuenta jaja

  • justin dogo
    justin dogo

    the one below me is mine