Avengers: Infinity War Cast Sings "The Marvel Bunch"
The cast of Avengers: Infinity War sing their own version of "The Brady Bunch" theme song, "The Marvel Bunch."
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Avengers: Infinity War Cast Sings "The Marvel Bunch"
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  • katie9918

    After ten years, look how frelling happy Downey still was to be doing this stuff for Marvel. That’s one guy who KNOWS what a chance they took on him at the time and still shows up for them because they showed up for him.

  • Sean

    Who is this captain dirty sanchez America

  • Kiley McLoughlin-Alcoz
    Kiley McLoughlin-Alcoz

    Am I the only one who thinks Chris Pratt sings great?!

  • Equindix

    Hawkeye Crying Sounds In The Background

  • Derplord 101
    Derplord 101

    We’re not gonna talk about the part at the end when Chris Evans looked to the right like somebody was there

  • Jonathan Pinzon
    Jonathan Pinzon

    From 0:45 just watch RDJ’s enthusiasm

  • timberlake Justin
    timberlake Justin

    The last sibling interaction is fun Hahahaha

  • C4sual G4mer
    C4sual G4mer

    Chris Pratt being here made me think: Who’s the superior group, the Avengers, or the Guardians of the Galaxy? Not as in who would win in a fight. I mean, after everyone met each other in Endgame, do the Avengers say to the Guardians ‘Welcome to the Avengers’, or do the Guardians say to the Avengers ‘Welcome to the frickin’ Guardians of the Galaxy’, only without using frickin’?

  • murasacchibara

    i wheeze at the wakanda forever

  • HM Studios
    HM Studios

    0:24 look at doctor strange

  • HM Studios
    HM Studios

    I think Robert Downey Jr was wearing Edith

  • Joshua Ryan
    Joshua Ryan


  • Mumbothe Starlow
    Mumbothe Starlow

    Later generations aren’t gonna understand the hype before a new marvel movie.

  • Pumpkin Pie
    Pumpkin Pie

    They should have included Hulk and antman and Wanda and Spiderman and Hawkeye

  • Mr Hater
    Mr Hater

    Am I the only one who wanted to see Josh Brolin?

  • yagyaseni Patel
    yagyaseni Patel

    Does anyone noticed. .....?? Cap. A looks like Richard from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

  • Presley Petrus
    Presley Petrus

    Am I the only one who thought Captain America looks like Talbot with that mustache? and why Starload? It should be Hulk.

  • Joshua Jaraczewski
    Joshua Jaraczewski

    "Hello brother"

  • Stay Classy
    Stay Classy

    I keep watching 'We didn't start the fire'.

  • kim나용

    avengers♡♡ 한국인 없나요~~~~?

  • Dylan and Logan Animates
    Dylan and Logan Animates

    0:58 I can't, their faces are too funny

  • Belen de la Cruz Carrasco Rodriguez
    Belen de la Cruz Carrasco Rodriguez

    Que hermoso canta mi benedict

  • Sara Cheon
    Sara Cheon

    The Avengers 2012 Avengers age of ultron 2015 Avengers lnfinity war 2018 Avengers Endgame 2019

  • CarlyA

    Okay Benedict can SING?????? Anything this dude CAN’T do????

  • Walter TO Walter
    Walter TO Walter

    The only good thing Jimmy Fallon has done



  • Borthness

    1) Benedict has the most beautiful voice. 2) Pratt seemed to forget the words. 3) Anthony was the most mimic. 4) Robert was freaking out at the end. 5) Evans looked the wrong way at the end. 6) Awesome moment with Hemsworth and Hiddleston at the end.

  • Fernando Veizaga Barrientos
    Fernando Veizaga Barrientos

    :,) remember

  • Shiver Lynx
    Shiver Lynx

    R.I.P Tony stark.... You, Black Widow, Yondu, and Stan Lee will soaring with the stars... You will be missed... By Peter and Steve especially You stood for what was right... You sacrificed yourself to save millions of lives... You stood as a father for Peter, and fought well, sure you had a small attitude, but thats what made us all laugh. We love you Tony ❤ I know its just a movie but its still sad....

  • Greg Dore
    Greg Dore

    I think Robert was really into this lol

  • SMOgamer 1100
    SMOgamer 1100


  • Kate Florian
    Kate Florian

    0:13 Chris Evans has a great singing voice

  • Violet Florian
    Violet Florian

    Best part 0:13 I love Cap or 0:14 or 0:13:50

  • Arnav Bhagat
    Arnav Bhagat

    0:56 best moment

  • AmK_ Gaming
    AmK_ Gaming

    Genius playboy (dead) Russian spy (dead) God of Thunder (fat) Guy who fought in WW2 (retired)

  • 고선경

    00:56 for the future me who will watch this for about a 29839229928 times

  • aditto thamid
    aditto thamid

    Captain America looks like vegeat in gt

  • games li
    games li


  • Wil Games
    Wil Games

    0:23 "I'm not from earth, I'm from mazori."

  • ReactivePlayer

    0:56 hello brother 🤣🤣

  • Oliver Eye
    Oliver Eye

    Is it weird that Chris Evans looks like hitler when he is literally Captain America

    • Gadiel Acevedo
      Gadiel Acevedo

      Javin Newell VERY WEIRD RIGHT?

    • Javin Newell
      Javin Newell

      Is it weird that mark Raffalo isn’t in this?

    • The Nue Kid
      The Nue Kid


  • Jazzy Barrios
    Jazzy Barrios

    Bucky 😭 where you at

  • Dark Bowser X-Treme
    Dark Bowser X-Treme

    literally everyone looks so dead inside... i love it

  • Mitchell boom
    Mitchell boom

    Chris Evans looks like that min from spiderman from the radio(i think his name was James...)

  • Maria Sorensen
    Maria Sorensen

    am i the only one who watched this 8 times and focused on a different person each time?

    • HM Studios
      HM Studios

      I don't think so

  • Downey - Stark
    Downey - Stark

    Robert really tops everything.💕

  • Clémence odinson
    Clémence odinson

    THOMMAS, I LOVE YOU!!❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • BlackSouLII

    Where is Nick!

  • Anny M.
    Anny M.

    loki: ugh! hello brother thor: shut uuup!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌🏼nailed it

  • Benedict Cumberbatch
    Benedict Cumberbatch

    Doctor strange🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Downey - Stark
    Downey - Stark

    "Hello Brother!" "Shut up!" xD

  • Sanjana Kumar
    Sanjana Kumar

    Tom Holland literally crying right now

  • Felek felek
    Felek felek

    Hello brother Shut up

  • Iron Ninja
    Iron Ninja

    Star Lord sucks

  • Marttyhell

    "hello brother" "Shut up"

  • Sidra Rai
    Sidra Rai

    Rdj and Benedict cumberbatch have just amazing voices 😍😍

  • well im joe
    well im joe

    They didn’t put Jeremy in because they knew he would pursing everyone-

  • West Branch Ball
    West Branch Ball

    Captain America mostash Dr Strange clean shaved Loki... Shut Up

  • tom cool
    tom cool

    It's suppose to call Marvel Intergenetic because there is American, Australian and Brits, all the white men you can get on planet earth, btw chris pratt and robert downey is really multi-talented they can sing for real

  • angela drews
    angela drews

    Oh hell brother shut up