NBA's Best Plays | Week 13 | 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • CFTV Data
    CFTV Data

    The Wowry shot at 3:21 is one of the most insane things I've ever seen in a basketball game.... for real though

  • Kebe Omar
    Kebe Omar

    3:00 read what is written on his jersey after making this smart assist Guess what ? 36 SMART 👌🏻

  • John Liles
    John Liles

    The Jones Jr. Dunk

  • Lou Zer
    Lou Zer

    Ja RULE !!

  • Chris Rondo
    Chris Rondo

    Got damn collin sexton looking like food out there 😢😂‼️

  • SuperRip7

    The plays are exciting. 02-04-20.

  • Rafael Henrique
    Rafael Henrique

    what a block by javale

  • Anthony Apelu
    Anthony Apelu

    So unless the '2 Step' traveling rule has changed, 5:39 is a good example of how the refs, the commentators, the players... just don't give a DAMN anymore!

    • Anthony Apelu
      Anthony Apelu

      And again at 14:24 ... smh

  • bill belly
    bill belly

    aaron gordon is blake griffin. its like yeah they are beast players but its like their ceiling is limited. they good at everything but they dont excell at anything. cant shoot good enough. cant post up good enough. they are like if karl malone and michael jordan were morphed together and then sent to the baby den

    • bill belly
      bill belly

      josh smith would destroy these fools

  • Harold Vergara
    Harold Vergara

    enjoy watching Ja Highlights


    14:32 nice hops but goal tend?

  • Aquamatic

    0:09 you know it’s a crazy move when you lose the cameraman

  • Giorgio Dipasquale
    Giorgio Dipasquale

    Where is week 14 best plays? @nba

  • Joel Mwaura
    Joel Mwaura


  • Gavinツ

    Nobody: Their Shoes: eEe Err

  • Tony Bufford
    Tony Bufford

    Collin Sexton had a bad week 😰😰 sheesh

  • Nicholas Davis
    Nicholas Davis

    Go nets

  • Mason Almeida
    Mason Almeida

    anyne else notice how early the buzzer went off on dame shot 9:40


    Melhor basquete dó mundo ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jay Hunnah
    Jay Hunnah

    Gannis traveled

    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi

      he does that often mate. I've just dropped a video for the Grizzlies @ Knicks game later tonight. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. It's going to be a WINNER!

  • ChewyVixe

    1 like for Coby Bryant...

    • Cam Nadi
      Cam Nadi

      I've just dropped a video for the Grizzlies @ Knicks game later tonight. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. It's going to be a WINNER!

  • Ryan Mazure-Schmidt
    Ryan Mazure-Schmidt

    All I saw was Javale Mcgee REFUSING to become a poster

  • Elfe Au
    Elfe Au

    7:05 lebron's eyes

  • Awesomesause 111
    Awesomesause 111

    5:12 his face is like "im finna give up after this ring"

  • Gustavo Augusto Rios
    Gustavo Augusto Rios

    Vácuo 7:46 kkkkkk

  • DexNAE

    Rip Kobe🤯😭

  • merchz

    7:45 lol hart never gets high-fived rip

  • tymd130

    the future is bright for guards edit: but also for big men

  • Marvin King Jr
    Marvin King Jr

    Why the bucks get no love?

  • Roger Sasson
    Roger Sasson

    When fox got the and one fultz played it off haha btw rip kobe

  • Amari Greggs
    Amari Greggs

    Rip Kobe bro

  • fionnbarr conlon
    fionnbarr conlon

    this week was sick

  • justas justas
    justas justas


  • Aidan Balazs
    Aidan Balazs

    Russell Westbrook’s athleticism is unmatchable

  • viancarose antonio
    viancarose antonio

    Dont Look The Eyes Watch His Hand

  • Nic Fahie
    Nic Fahie

    If Zion wins rookie of the year averaging any less that a quadruple double over ja I’m gonn flip shit

  • iccotom

    loving the male cheerleaders 6:18

    • Marvin King Jr
      Marvin King Jr

      Gay ass nigga

  • Steven Ngo
    Steven Ngo


  • Andre Oher
    Andre Oher

    No highlight the man everybody talks about Zion but u see at least 7 or 8 of them my boy putting on 4 my city Ja " No Mercy" Morant we love u in the city my guy go Grizzlies Gang go M- Town stand up fuck u talking about!!!!!

  • ThirdD3gree

    My favorite of alltime a.i. & melo and now Morant

  • Devante Holliday
    Devante Holliday

    5:33-6:10 Sexton is on the wrong end of the highlight 3 times in a row

  • 24adrew

    7:44 someone dap my dude Hart up

  • Jesse aquafine
    Jesse aquafine

    I brother..and sisters links today(2)

  • Emmanuel Oladosu
    Emmanuel Oladosu

    7:52 This clip shows that a crossover or a dunk isn't always needed to make a good play.

  • Groovy_ Kid
    Groovy_ Kid

    Idk what nobody say Ja Morant plays like Derrick Rose

  • WinAcholic

  • Ryan Gray
    Ryan Gray


  • Desiderio Luna
    Desiderio Luna

    This is Ja Morant's mix tape LOL

  • mohmed محمد ا
    mohmed محمد ا

  • Alex Ayala
    Alex Ayala

    Best play goes to jokic's no look spin pass

  • Felix hk
    Felix hk

    2:34 i thought he was gonna take a three.

  • john loft
    john loft

    can't wait till zion dunks on Mcgee

  • aTalkingHead

    Lebron is so boring to watch. Another 2 hand dunk where you jump a foot of the ground. How exciting.

  • Dre Day
    Dre Day

    I think its about time the wnba pack it up and head out

  • Magic Thinker
    Magic Thinker

    6:39 This is not a step-back 3. This is a walk-back 3 #LoL

  • Noe Alvarez
    Noe Alvarez

    Morants crazyy and the pelicans got a super squad.

  • Assaulttwosword

    12:47 just listen 👂

  • كرة القدم
    كرة القدم

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  • MrHighFlyer023

    Hart doing Hart things @ 7:46

  • ASVP

    first move = useless