CamelPhat, Jem Cooke - Rabbit Hole (Audio)
CamelPhat, Jem Cooke- Rabbit Hole (Official Audio)
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  • Kain Rivers
    Kain Rivers

    Watched this shit on acid ended up falling in my body when she goes “deeper we go “

  • binarymale him
    binarymale him

    Every now and again a tune comes round that makes me long for my clubbing days and this is definitely one 👍👍👍👍

  • Micky Harte
    Micky Harte

    Mumbai vibes to this reminds me of Cyrus D - glow... absolute gem 💎

  • Kevin.

    Feels like Something is missing, a different bassline...i don’t know, doesn’t feel complete to me

  • Veronica Castillo
    Veronica Castillo



    Big big choon, those vocals though 😍

  • ador londra
    ador londra

    Man.... Minute2:21 is like being hypnotised... I could go on forever

  • Joshua Taylor
    Joshua Taylor

    what a feckin tune

  • vEdiiitz

    I think the ketamine snorted me.

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor

    I only just pieced together that the "rabbit hole" is a K-hole and that's what the visualizer is based on.

  • Eduardo Sousa
    Eduardo Sousa

    dope, dope, dope, dope, dope. did I say dope yet?

  • Sarah Harman
    Sarah Harman

    I’ve listened to this a million times , and that’s still not enough 😃😃😃

  • Chris Stanley
    Chris Stanley

    That backdrop from Cola though

  • Rickm2711 _
    Rickm2711 _

    Camelphat are the only decent set up about these days, both smash it commercial and underground. They take me back to the glory days of the UK Saturday warm up and coming home an hour before work on a Monday morning.

  • Paul Whelehan
    Paul Whelehan

    Say no more absolutely brilliant ☘️

  • patrick conville
    patrick conville

    Anyone else hearing Beanfield Ft. Bajka "Tides"?

  • Lucy Sweeney
    Lucy Sweeney

    This song is deadly, only bad thing is its not long enough

  • PRATHAMESH nayak
    PRATHAMESH nayak

    That's some dark shit mahn...different vibe from the camelphat it.!!!!

  • Don Romeo
    Don Romeo

    Triffic, reminds of Lakes 'Stay With Me'

  • StrikerJW

    This is amazing, the vibes I’m gettingg. Love it

  • ducand1

    Very nice job!! Dark tune

  • Richard Simonite
    Richard Simonite

    What a tune... The layout, lifts etc are perfect, great singing, a fine production, Peace & Love ☮️💜🕉

  • streetsounds electro
    streetsounds electro

    Great tune!

  • usmaan khalid
    usmaan khalid

    She says rivers like reevers

    • Multiplicity

      "diiiis time" also ;)

    • Mike Grodzki
      Mike Grodzki

      Maybe she's Scottish or something

  • Roy May
    Roy May

    Pass me the ket 😜

    • Erratic Joe
      Erratic Joe

      Dmt bro, something else

  • Lee longpod6ft9
    Lee longpod6ft9

    What a wkd haunting tune!! Ive played this at least 100 times this week... its her voice, it reminds me of FREEMASONS - UNINVITED

    • Conor Penfold
      Conor Penfold


  • Kajetan Kądziela
    Kajetan Kądziela

    Love ppl replying in comments to the wate thingy like cola? Ffs mate you wanna see me doing mentose experiment on myself?! - just a water please😎 who should get it will get it 🙃

  • Grab the drab Stanley
    Grab the drab Stanley

    Who’s rollin ?

  • The Vegan-8-or
    The Vegan-8-or

    French kiss! For those that know....

  • nguyen nam
    nguyen nam

    That black fog kinda looks like the Black Hole XD

  • nguyen nam
    nguyen nam

    This is.......trippy

  • Cloudstock music
    Cloudstock music

    Sensacional, me ve mais uma dose de progresive pfv

  • Joan Fuster Font
    Joan Fuster Font


  • Владимир Александрович
    Владимир Александрович

    Заебись! Четко!


    Complete melody ripoff of underworld - dark and long. Made famous by trainspotting (when they trap him in his bedroom)

  • Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro
    Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro

    Y que hubo con el doble levanton de autos que paso ayer por la orilla del canalon dren?desde de mi solar se ve diferente la accion por las matitas que me tapan poco la vista asia el canalon dren desde mi asiento llanta, ayer ustedes en la noche del levanton ustedes estaban asta la otra orillota o encerrados en sus casas entre otras matitas que les tapaba la vista en otra parte del canal dren ami la matita me tapaba la vista justo donde fue el levanton desde mi asiento llanta de tractor y se be que atienden devolada a la ayuda del levantado o baleado con silenciador

  • Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro
    Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro

    Y que hubo con el doble levanton de autos que paso ayer por la orilla del canalon dren?

  • Palm Tree Spot
    Palm Tree Spot

  • QueenDee

    Can't stop playing this song 😘

  • Linda Binfield
    Linda Binfield

    Love it x

  • J&C 13
    J&C 13

    some tune

  • ionlionzion

    Can I have an E please Bob.

  • Shane Anderson
    Shane Anderson

    This track gives me life.

  • Darth_Paul

    Would hate to be epileptic Jesus

  • Spooky Spoon
    Spooky Spoon


  • Spooky Spoon
    Spooky Spoon

    Paz Poobah... for what you dream of

  • Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro
    Yotambien Quierocomprar Mi primer carro

    Y hablando de lilit tierra ya supe en donde iban a tener a sus mujeres Gmail ardaditas guardaditas en sus costillas

  • Bartman

    I don't need drugs

  • 1abbie4

    Damn this is catchy. Love it! 🔥

  • LaundryLad2006

    It’s werid but good at the same time

  • Ricky Manning
    Ricky Manning

    You know when Camelphat release a track, its gunna be good!! 🙌

  • myson takesdrugs
    myson takesdrugs

    I love ket

  • Spooky Spoon
    Spooky Spoon

    Alices tea party!

  • Spooky Spoon
    Spooky Spoon

    Just heard this on the radio. OMG! Brilliant! 🎶🎧♥️😎👏🏽

  • Spooky Spoon
    Spooky Spoon

    Her voice is so similar to Siouxsie Sioux’s

    • Manuel Desant
      Manuel Desant

      Spooky Spoon to Karen park

  • ss ss
    ss ss

    Shazam is a pile of crap - it tagged this tune as "All Mine (Sonny Fodera Remix). Try it, it'll get it wrong ten times then finally get it. Took me fucking ages to find this.

  • Deepinjersey1

    Damn. That voice. Breathe...

  • Geraldine Faye
    Geraldine Faye

    Love it!!! :)

  • Gary Smalling
    Gary Smalling

    Loving it. ..big tune..💥💥💥🙏🏿

  • Usilly Hunt
    Usilly Hunt

    As Phat as you’d want to be