Half-Life: Alyx Announcement Trailer
Return to Half-Life in VR, March 2020.
Available for pre-purchase on Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/546560/HalfLife_Alyx/
Set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Alyx is a new full-length game built from the ground up by Valve for virtual reality.

  • The Twitch Watcher
    The Twitch Watcher

    VR? GTFO with this trash shit

  • Christopher

    VR here I come.

  • RPV Doch
    RPV Doch

    por que subestman a valve diablos es un buen juego aun que no hl3 , no se como no llega a los millones de like es un gran juego y mejor que todo el catalogo de hoy

  • sharpenednoodles

    Looks like there's another reason to have a VR headset now other than porn

  • Joe Swanson
    Joe Swanson

    how about a better sequel l4d3

  • Kon El
    Kon El

    *Thanks for not a giving a shit fot everyone who doesn't use a VR. We greatly appreciate it.*

  • FODD


  • J _
    J _

    They had to make half life 3 star Alex because Gordon's voice actor died. Sad he truly touched many of our lives.

  • Hehn Klaus
    Hehn Klaus

    Finally a new Half Life game, But only for VR? Like, come on a small majority of people have fucking VR and you are only releasing it to VR after waiting so long for a half life game??? What the fuck is wrong with you valve?

  • Get Rekt, M8
    Get Rekt, M8

    2020 gonna be lit

  • krip K.R
    krip K.R

    Half-life fans : *starts cumming*

  • Muharrem Yüksel
    Muharrem Yüksel

    Valve released new trailer *THIS IS ILLEGAL*

  • Till the Coyote
    Till the Coyote

    I can't believe, Valve is to continue the Half Life series!

  • user114009

    We don't go to Ravenholm!!! Gods are looking at us again!!! Time finally come!!!

  • Phineas Jack
    Phineas Jack

    Everyone's happy about half life 1.5 but I'm happy about the source 2 engine

  • Bruce Bronson
    Bruce Bronson


  • edit11

    at least its something!

  • Ratur Glancer
    Ratur Glancer

    Seriosuly VR? Man fuck everything....

  • andhowmanywishes

    Looks like simple repurposing of content.

  • Joe Seaver
    Joe Seaver

    So what, it's exclusive to VR? Very disappointed, if that's the case.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    my dick so hard.

  • Wilsy

    Is that Rhys Darby I hear.?? ♥

  • Димка Крылов
    Димка Крылов

    Это, просто, ахуенно!

  • Yolo Swaggins
    Yolo Swaggins

    Pros: Half Life. Cons: it's an inconsequential prequel vr spin off

  • Roselita Thomasina
    Roselita Thomasina


  • ItzMatty 56
    ItzMatty 56

    Lets be honest guys, they are just putting this out to market their miniscule index

  • Funky Monkey
    Funky Monkey

    Aight look up Alyx Rollercoaster belt you won’t be disappointed and yes it’s irrelevant but hey they’re both Alyx


    Подписывайтесь на instagram.com/alina_suhotzckaja/ Она вам такооое расскажет и покажет, просто бомба ))

  • Fantom4ik


  • Clark 1999
    Clark 1999

    This is unreal, hl3 VR???!? I just sold my gaming pc. Time to buy a VR ready pc

  • Akumu

    Holy shit finally

  • J VZ
    J VZ

    soooooooooooo.... Half-life 1.5?

  • Bryan Hernaez
    Bryan Hernaez

    They lost contact for 9 years.

  • Egon Eduardo Schmegner Sánchez
    Egon Eduardo Schmegner Sánchez

    I'm really sad that this is VR... but still better than nothing... I'll just wait until they make another game...

  • GabrielRR

    Gordon F. tendrá un papel importante en la historia? Está genial el nuevo juego. Creo que ya es hora de comprar un vr

  • CuFyUo

    is this the opposite of the Diablo Immortal trailer?

  • Алексей Сухой
    Алексей Сухой

    Oh NOW you're going to release the trailer?! Right after CSsoft announcing that they are going to imply the COPPA system in January?!

  • Legion

    Holy shit, they're actual making a half life game

  • Dame Lgon
    Dame Lgon

    Вот надо же было для vr сделать 😢

  • makan farhoodi
    makan farhoodi

    Finally... it took them 7 freaking years.

  • Jonney Henson
    Jonney Henson

    Can’t they just make fucking games again

  • Helemmelek and Zahay
    Helemmelek and Zahay

    Someone at CSsoft likes playing IDIOT games

    • Helemmelek and Zahay
      Helemmelek and Zahay

      I'll even let you talk smack

    • Helemmelek and Zahay
      Helemmelek and Zahay

      Ill use no perks no attachments and just my pistol

    • Helemmelek and Zahay
      Helemmelek and Zahay

      I'll even give you a 20 point lead

    • Helemmelek and Zahay
      Helemmelek and Zahay

      Come to COD I'll even let you use modz to make it a fair match

  • 遠藤由貴

    オススメに出てきたからとりあえず見てみたけど何かさっぱりわからんw でも、なんか楽しそうってことだけわかったw

  • Zawarudo

    They made a mistake making it in vr if it was on pc many ppl would have bought it now only vr users wil download it with some spoiled kids that will buy a vr for it

  • Neurostudio

    Its HL3, ozhidaing ended, video very very vpechtlayted, Half Live Tree gotoved!

  • NeoXenoZ

    Valve: *New VR game* I sleep *It's a new half life game* Real shit

  • Zhama Daynnъ
    Zhama Daynnъ

    Не прошло и пол века)

  • Soba

    People said I was a madman for believing it would happen. But today...today I shall rejoice.

  • Vitaliy Komarov
    Vitaliy Komarov

    Gabe, where is HL3?

  • Hurricane

    *тяжёлое дыхание*

  • Три Кота
    Три Кота

    Габен ты говно из жопы, какой нахуй vr?

  • Rindel


  • Geralt Of Rivia
    Geralt Of Rivia

    Half Life Alyx its a marketing strategy to sell high price Vr Index from Valve.

  • Denis Kz
    Denis Kz

    ok now this is epic, ep 3 when

  • _Chimera _
    _Chimera _

    He did it! He finally fukin' did it!

  • Богдан Бонанчик
    Богдан Бонанчик

    It's Half life 3? Or it's just Alex game ?

  • Юрий Гайзенберг
    Юрий Гайзенберг


  • Amber Jaxx
    Amber Jaxx

    Omfg finally.

  • Aymara Fan
    Aymara Fan

    Now Portal: Rise of Shell.

  • HavokGamesCZ

    And what half life 3 ????