I Attempted my First Pokemon Nuzlocke
What an adventure

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We worked hard on this video, it's the result of 3 months worth of nonstop work. So please give a big thank you to all the members on my team for helping me make this video happen. It's been a big dream of mine to do pokemon nuzlockes for youtube, and I would watch them all the time even before I had my own channel. So being able to make this video, even if it is a bit out of the ordinary for my channel, is so awesome and I'm really happy I was finally able to.

  • Addy The Random
    Addy The Random

    Too be honest your hat looks like a target simble

  • Aqua Rose
    Aqua Rose

    At the end, when it showed them making a victory cheer, Tariyaki and Jaiden were drinking out of wine glasses, while Ari was drinking straight out of the f*cking bottle wtf

  • milk can
    milk can

    i actually cried when the pokémon died- idksuhsushs

  • Mckenna Riley
    Mckenna Riley

    Bro how can I play this I need to play this

    • david boesen
      david boesen

      Go on your phone and look up gba emulator. Then download it on the Device and search how to use it. The look up Pokémon ruby rom. Your welcome

  • Richard Zhuang
    Richard Zhuang

    Ahhh!! Does anyone know where I can find the music used in the credits? :O

    • david boesen
      david boesen

      Pretty sure it’s just at the end of the credits ingame

  • The empty man
    The empty man

    YOU DID NOT NAME TORCHIC TERIYAKI!!! there is a special place in hell for people who do that lol

  • Hello There
    Hello There

    Ngl corn is dummy thique

  • Hello Mate
    Hello Mate

    UwU 9:59

  • Andre Francois
    Andre Francois

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not a single soul: Jaiden: *SNIFF* squidward

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown

    Do a sun nuzlock

  • yazan al fayez
    yazan al fayez

    Only she could get 13M views on a pokemon video... i dont even play the game yet i watched😭😂

  • RiceTaco Tv
    RiceTaco Tv

    Jojo ending hit me hard 😔

  • grass.

    you should of called Corn Wallnuget

  • numaTruehome 100
    numaTruehome 100

    This would be a little more heartbreaking if half the names weren’t so stupid.

  • Jonathan Sun
    Jonathan Sun

    The amount of time and effort put into this video makes me love Jaiden more. She is truly on of the great youtubers out there, and there are not many

  • saet zero aka bahram
    saet zero aka bahram

    This was adorable a f. Love the style!

  • Ne Zha
    Ne Zha

    Deoxys at the end

  • Lone Heartfell
    Lone Heartfell

    Oh god why did I almost cry?

  • Mays Mathias
    Mays Mathias

    I love Pokémon!!!!:D

  • MsLemonhead09

    What ever happened to barf

  • MsLemonhead09

    Did u purposefully name him onion so when he died u could make that joke

  • Theavaitionlover 100
    Theavaitionlover 100

    Its Altaria, not alteria

  • MsLemonhead09

    Have u seen Stranger Things

  • Mariestacyhalluja

    to every pokemon who died... you will be missed

  • Brody Bundis
    Brody Bundis

    Please make another

  • Mariestacyhalluja

    umm is chad a shiny or is it the ood coloring in pokemon battles

  • sebastian Diaz
    sebastian Diaz

    Are we not gonna mention that my g did the Avdol pose when she draw his spirit and the duo did the Caesar and Joseph pose?

  • egg boi
    egg boi

    it’s the end, i promise i’m not crying, onion’s ghost is just being chopped up

  • Zachary DeWalt
    Zachary DeWalt

    Teriyaki: You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the Elete 4, not join them! Bring balance to the Pokemon, not leave them in darkness! Gary: I hate you! Teriyaki: You were my brother, Gary. I loved you.

  • Mariestacyhalluja

    corn you will be missed

  • Gregapher Leahwood
    Gregapher Leahwood

    It's amazing; you actually animated the whole thing! Totes baller!

  • Benjy Huburt
    Benjy Huburt

    Massive respect

  • Dillon D
    Dillon D


  • 10,000 subs with no vids challenge
    10,000 subs with no vids challenge

    Zigzagoon: Exists Teriyaki: Sharpens nails

  • Dion Florencio
    Dion Florencio

    I miss zip zap zop and sin

  • Ninja Chicken
    Ninja Chicken

    RIP your team

  • vicky castro
    vicky castro

    When I saw it’s over 18 MINS I said “HELL YEAH 😎

  • TewlJr

    16:36 JoJo! This is the last of my surf! Take it From Me!

  • Angel Zhindon
    Angel Zhindon

    I'm sorry for you loss,es

  • Badgamming

    Okay but do another