Immortals vs FlyQuest Full - LCS Spring 2020 W1D1 - IMT vs FLY
Immortals vs FlyQuest Full - LCS Spring 2020 Week 1 Day 1 - IMT vs FLY
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  • Leon Coben
    Leon Coben

    Such joy fills my heart seeing Riven played so well.

  • AshCrimsom

    NA... where they hire all the international garbage

  • Singed le surfeur incurvé
    Singed le surfeur incurvé

    Bring back LCS cast in EU Pls ! Zab on t'aime !

  • Diem Nguyen
    Diem Nguyen

    Fuck soaz

  • Wasimul Akram
    Wasimul Akram

    I heard SoaZ is going to smurf in NA, so this is how he is smurfing there. Pity. According to some idiots, SoaZ is one of the best 5 top laner of all time. Lmao

    • Riku Harada
      Riku Harada

      @xander de boever No he had the early game to his advantage when Riven Teleported and Flashed bot lane. He should've freezed the lane after bouncing it back and it was a guaranteed kill as Xmithie was top lane at that time, but he kept using his Q's on the wave to harass and broke the freeze letting V1per play safely until his flash came up. The problem with SoaZ is he is incredibly reliant on scaling/tank champions so he has that kind of mindset where he's just gonna play for teamfight and be passive at laning, and when teamfight came he can't do anything as he has no advantage over his laner. V1per's aggressiveness made him the better player in this match. TL;DR: SoaZ passiveness made him lost lane and V1per's aggressiveness made FlyQuest win the game. Xmithie trolled by playing a troll.

    • xander de boever
      xander de boever

      I mean, he has not much to play with here. Also really rough matchup, defo after his team ran it down

  • Ensnare

    well there goes vipers riven every teams gonna use a ban on it

    • Static Wolf
      Static Wolf

      That's good though, it takes an entire ban away from the other LCS teams and if they don't ban it he's garanteed to carry

    • Dalton Oldfield
      Dalton Oldfield

      Oh well. Very nice play on his bday. Riven isnt the only champ he can play. Sentimental win.

    • Zyler Powers
      Zyler Powers

      Draught too bad, as a Riven main I love seeing her in proplay :(