IMT vs FLY Highlights LCS Spring 2020 W1D1 Immortals vs Flyquest LCS Highlights 2020 by Onivia
Onivia LEC, LCS, LCK, LPL Highlights
IMT vs FLY Highlights LCS Spring 2020 W1D1 Immortals vs Flyquest LCS Highlights 2020 by Onivia
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  • Andres Romero
    Andres Romero

    When a proplayer uses his otp champ and even against other proplayers he wins with a very high advantage, you know that there's something wrong with that brainless champ

  • Thanh Do Huu
    Thanh Do Huu

    what is the average age of LCS pro? it seems like LCS are played mainly by old players from other regions.

  • Greger

    Its 2020 and people still dont ban Viper’s riven

  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson

    Xmithie joined Immortals for the money and not to win! Immortals sucks....

  • Bee Purple Poker
    Bee Purple Poker


  • Mauricio Aguilar
    Mauricio Aguilar


  • Miguel Ribeiro
    Miguel Ribeiro

    Lets be honest, Soaz is bad, he always was...but he could do something when he played tanks, even if he lost the lane he was useful. But now, playing carries, just don't xD

  • Lanjin 1
    Lanjin 1

    viper 1v9

  • Atilla Çınar
    Atilla Çınar

    Viper is godlike

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan

    Thank GOD Xshitie is gone from TL ... Piglet was the problem

  • Isak Ronestjärna
    Isak Ronestjärna

    Viper smurfing

  • Isak Ronestjärna
    Isak Ronestjärna

    Is Trundle some smol brain comfort pick for Xmithie, because that shit aint doing nothing.

  • Gertjan Wiersma
    Gertjan Wiersma

    Vvv1perrr ❤️

  • PraefixX

    Viper on Riven dude. What a legend!

  • NightSong Gr
    NightSong Gr

    "2 times worlds finalist from Europe tries to carry his inting jungler and fails"

    • Quak

      NightSong Gr altec and hakuho played well, idk what you r talking about

    • NightSong Gr
      NightSong Gr

      @Soulfire Shadow he was the only one who played tho ;/

    • Soulfire Shadow
      Soulfire Shadow

      @NightSong Gr Soaz didn't play great tho, coming from an LEC big fan, stop embarrassing yourself... Soaz is on NA and why all know what that means, he already gave up.

    • NightSong Gr
      NightSong Gr

      @Jun-jae Moon again. did you watch the game? at lane phase they were even.

    • Jun-jae Moon
      Jun-jae Moon

      @NightSong Gr look at cs differential. The only reason soaz is on IMT is because of the head coach.

  • Jamie Acosta
    Jamie Acosta

    unpopular opinion: Altec looks like Balls

  • Luis Gerardo Torres Perez
    Luis Gerardo Torres Perez

    Well enjoy it, we won't see V1per's River again

    • Phuong Linh
      Phuong Linh

      Luis Gerardo Torres Perez *riven

  • LuckyGnom

    Rofl, V1per styled on kids xD

  • Derrian Pablo
    Derrian Pablo

    Viper a beast. The Shy would be proud.

  • Michael Plangger
    Michael Plangger

    Soaz is garbage

  • Tyler Samuels
    Tyler Samuels

    Damn V1per legit smurfs in LCS when he gets Riven

  • Q

    hakuho played well but his teammates are not performing well. FLY looks strong in this roster with POE and IgNar, Santorin with V1per lol

  • Eun Jae
    Eun Jae


  • Redge Wang
    Redge Wang

    do not give viper riven LOL

  • 비공개

    why is RIven not banned?? at least they must ve banned riven

  • angry nerd
    angry nerd

    Xmithie so stupid lmao

  • Bá Thành Huỳnh
    Bá Thành Huỳnh

    Soaz is too old, you should retire

  • angry nerd
    angry nerd

    Clownfiesta is baaaack

  • TheAssassin159

    For what its worth I think Altec had a pretty decent game despite their loss

  • ivan LOPEZ
    ivan LOPEZ

    Poe viktor V1per Riven Ignar blitzcrank Trash Daft

    • Moa

      PoE viktor tried really hard to lose the game KEKW

    • Aliphese Fateburn
      Aliphese Fateburn

      Trash draft But it's the champions that they're most comfortable with..

  • Adrian Manuel
    Adrian Manuel

    Soaz and xmithie the problem???

    • Berkay Engin
      Berkay Engin

      @XLiqpe7even Soaz was always a problem

    • XLiqpe7even

      @Zachary Clawson Let's not overreact after one game, let's see what they're capable of after today, but it's true thbat they didn't really played good all, I'm pretty sure Soaz can prove me wrong.

    • Zachary Clawson
      Zachary Clawson

      @XLiqpe7even he may not be completely washed - up but, he definitely played bad.

    • Zachary Clawson
      Zachary Clawson

      @XLiqpe7even he died more than once. And again only 1 kill participation.

    • XLiqpe7even

      @Zachary Clawson I mean you don't know the match-up aatrox-riven that's why. He held his shit against adrian's Riven who ran on everyone, he died once, that's it, and don't forget he had xmithie as a jungler.

  • mustaqim hadi
    mustaqim hadi

    Imt was looking solid until hakuho engaged without soaz lol.

  • telogo197

    When you dont ban Riven against V1per

    • NightSong Gr
      NightSong Gr

      when you have an inting jungler

    • Cieciowski

      @Ted Danville Khan played Riven sometimes and did very well but this is situational pick, useless against some teamcomps.

    • Ted Danville
      Ted Danville

      telogo197 IMT is weak, i would love to see how other teams deal with Viper Riven. I bet there’s a good reason why top laner from other region don’t play Riven.

  • Orlando C
    Orlando C

    Classic Troll sOaz

  • Equis Diez
    Equis Diez

    Soaz so bad attitude as usual

    • Isomer Soma
      Isomer Soma

      Wasnt xmithie the one being crushed?

    • Elucidaxle

      You'd react that way too if your jungler ints like that lol

    • Tyler Samuels
      Tyler Samuels

      What did he do?

  • Reckoner Celeste
    Reckoner Celeste

    Maybe ban Riven next time? That engage at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="130">2:10</a> was absolutely FILTHY. Have a day on your birthday, V1PER!

    • Sam KK
      Sam KK

      Riven not that good this patch but you know, it’s Viper’s riven so

    • mustaqim hadi
      mustaqim hadi

      The riven pick is so bad into cassio but I dont think altec miasma’ed riven once the entire game.

  • Blitzen7

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="55">0:55</a> voice crack pepehands

  • enyav modnar
    enyav modnar

    sOAZashed up

  • LightOfSkyFalling

    The downgrade of xmithie

    • choco choco
      choco choco

      Yeah, I'm not a fan of Xmithie but he's still a good and decent player. He's a selfless player and would do anything to make his laners ahead. He soaks up pressure and damage, mostly he played around objectives a lot and willing to give a lot of resources for the team.

    • GOTHICforLIFE1

      Ah, another round of "this guy doesn't solo kill ppl, so he is bad". Should we listen to the YT comments, or to his previous team mates :0 His value was always in the macro game and objective control. Clearly too much to understand

    • Peter Pan
      Peter Pan

      he was always trash, so glad he is gone from TL

    • Lucratyo

      no one can carries him tho😂

  • deathbyalex


  • Katze

    I still don't understand why nobody bans away riven from Viper. This guy is insane on that champ

    • Nam Phuong
      Nam Phuong

      Are you an idiot ? They save the Riven pick for last. Had IMT did not pick Aatrox, there would be no Riven.

    • tan duy
      tan duy

      No, imt is too weak

  • Dylan James Chang
    Dylan James Chang

    BUDLIGHT ace. Right of course. Nothing like the BUDLIGHT first blood, the BUDLIGHT baron steal, the BUDLIGHT win. Jheez use the sponsor where it fits

    • Soulfire Shadow
      Soulfire Shadow

      @TOPgamer069 If you're into the game, you don't even realize they're there, what a soyboy.

    • TOPgamer069

      I'm starting to feel like I'm in that episode of Black mirror. Man, if every fucking play is gonna be an add from now on I might stop watching LoL streams for good. Fuckign corporations sucking out the fun out of everything I love...

    • Andrew McCulloch
      Andrew McCulloch

      Don't worry they'll discuss it at the STATEFARM analyst desk

    • tyler stevens
      tyler stevens

      Dylan James Chang thanks for speaking the truth

  • CptBene