Lil Nas X - Rodeo (ft. Nas) [Official Video]
Official video for "Rodeo" by Lil Nas X featuring Nas.
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Starring: Lil Nas X & Nas
Story By: Lil Nas X & Bradley & Pablo

Directors: Bradley & Pablo
Production Company: PRETTYBIRD
Cinematography: Pablo Berron
Production Design: Greg Allen Lang
Editor: Lauren Dellara
Visual Effects: Chimney
Strategic Partnerhips: Jen Frommer & Raquel Roberts
Producers: Megan Gutman, Candice Dragonas, Chris Clavadetscher,
Producer/Video Commissioner: Saul Levitz
LNX Stylist: Hodo Musa
LNX Hair/Makeup: Brittany Thomas
Choreographer: Jamaica Craft, Josh Smith, and Antonio Hudnell for Jam Session Ent.
Nas Stylist: April Roomet
Nas Hair/Makeup: Marcus Harvey
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  • Trunks Dbz
    Trunks Dbz

    This dude became buzz light year into Vamprie

  • Kings Game
    Kings Game

    That scream he did

  • Ohh American Nuggets
    Ohh American Nuggets

    Billie Eilish:I make the scetchiest Vids Nas:Hold my Lasso and Park my Maserati



  • Quincy Booth
    Quincy Booth


  • Tarrell Phillips
    Tarrell Phillips

    His crew would be the empire

  • Tarrell Phillips
    Tarrell Phillips


  • Tyrone McCutcheon
    Tyrone McCutcheon

    What happened to the cardI b remix

  • SMA 1
    SMA 1

    1010110010 we're5 for

  • Black broken heart
    Black broken heart

    You devil bitch 😈😈

  • Mohamed Biko - محمد بيكو
    Mohamed Biko - محمد بيكو


  • Quincy Booth
    Quincy Booth


  • Oh Yea Yea Lvl 4999 Solider
    Oh Yea Yea Lvl 4999 Solider

    Straight fire but y u sound like Post in the beginning

  • imvu_star_ mostwanted
    imvu_star_ mostwanted

    Why couldn’t cardi b be in this video

  • SparkZ YT27
    SparkZ YT27

    This is for the lonely homies

  • Bird10


  • strawberry army
    strawberry army

    0:48-0:54 i thot he was gay tho 🧐🏳️‍🌈

  • Chris Neri
    Chris Neri

    Satanic to the FUCKEN Max smfh

  • derek pichardo
    derek pichardo

    This is the best

  • K

    Version with Cardi B is 100x better :/ really bad change ...

  • Robloxian Google
    Robloxian Google

    lil nas x is smart using doritos as a advertisement for more money and using the matrix

  • Saul Gutierrez
    Saul Gutierrez

    So.... Cardi B was kicked off the song???


    im white u nigga nigga

  • Susana Oliveros
    Susana Oliveros

    Why does it take him like 6 months to make a music video for his songs

  • Hansen Says Take A Seat
    Hansen Says Take A Seat

    Gay n trash

  • Shaylee Garcia
    Shaylee Garcia

    what happened to cardi's part like really

  • Impulz Supreme
    Impulz Supreme

    It's the new thiller

  • Heroic Toast
    Heroic Toast

    Wow, the new jjba part looks great!

  • top music 2020
    top music 2020

    I add only top music sabscirpe to me

  • Truly Clips
    Truly Clips

    Kinda looks like Lamar Jackson

  • Daniela Urizar
    Daniela Urizar

    Lo que se hizo en la cada es real ? :(

  • Joseph Monteiro
    Joseph Monteiro

    Though this a great video cinematically, it's also obvious this is about Lil Nas X Transitioning into the Gentleman's Club

  • SpiderTeamer LJ Dain London
    SpiderTeamer LJ Dain London


  • DaniNight WOLF
    DaniNight WOLF

    He looks like my uncle


    Why the hell the old man holding cross,while Lil nas is wearing cross on his ear?😂

  • God

    Isn't this the guy who made old time road

  • Nicholas

    I’m going to make this my intro

  • El Master Pro de Los Likes - Videos Re Turbios xD
    El Master Pro de Los Likes - Videos Re Turbios xD

    This man should be in a Netflix adaptation

  • Boost Benski
    Boost Benski

    Out of all topics for a video, you chose halloween in fucking februaru

  • Ezra Thomas
    Ezra Thomas

    When my freind is singing and dancing on the toilet:

  • Zacky b
    Zacky b

    This is the gayest shit ive ever see

  • Ayac

    Lil nas X, Travis scott and Quavo look like a fish with thick lips

  • Zacky b
    Zacky b

    Wow this song really sucks

  • MrDjentle

    THe rED eyes are from contacts

  • Elijah the reptile
    Elijah the reptile

    Upgraded version of Michael Jackson’s thriller this just more fire 🔥

  • Antonio Robert
    Antonio Robert

    Ahhhh yeah 🔥

  • Sam Scott
    Sam Scott

    Your scream in the beginning

  • Mini Loot llama
    Mini Loot llama

    I love this video! It’s dope

  • Zephram Gilson
    Zephram Gilson

    is no one going to talk about his hair

  • ·Galaxy Tide·
    ·Galaxy Tide·

    I saw him get ready for this in his live he looks scary but cool

  • Hayven Henderson
    Hayven Henderson

    He is gay but like the bad

  • Rick Thompson
    Rick Thompson

    Yo this song fucks

  • Nobleman Matthew A. Davis
    Nobleman Matthew A. Davis



    1:00 look at that uglyyyy face

  • Brian Shader
    Brian Shader

    Why does he look like the guy from. Don't look under the bed

  • Naycol Collins
    Naycol Collins

    Ryuk death note mode😂

  • Sean Laping
    Sean Laping

    he be looking like Ryuk from Death Note

  • Jojo and Daddy's wonderful world! chassagne
    Jojo and Daddy's wonderful world! chassagne

    Wow that check must be great. Why is Nas on this? Smh

  • Dee DeeDee
    Dee DeeDee

    This song hit hard ass hell

  • shanice wesley
    shanice wesley

    I wouldn't mind if this was a series