Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Special Look
“Family. Back together again.” Watch this brand-new special look at Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, in theaters May 1.
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  • Jeong Min Oh
    Jeong Min Oh

    1:22 This scene gives me the chills Can't wait for the movie

  • R M
    R M


  • Unban2higahiga54

    I think we’re gonna need to get the soul stone again Natasha you know the gig!

  • Ashley Philip
    Ashley Philip

    Florence has been showing up everywhere nowadays

  • Anthony Nguyen
    Anthony Nguyen

    This is how many people excited for Taskmaster 👇🏻

  • jamie andrews
    jamie andrews

    this movie will make 1.5 bil. I'm calling it.


    ??? 2:00 ?? ???

  • Tara Verbridge
    Tara Verbridge

    Hopper was transported to Russia to become Alexi.

  • Maria Nilda Bareiro
    Maria Nilda Bareiro

    Nat ❤

  • Tatum van Wilson
    Tatum van Wilson


  • Robin Rajaonarivelo
    Robin Rajaonarivelo

    *I'm done running from my past* She said while being a fugitive and one of America's most wanted after Civil War

  • Cuervo 123
    Cuervo 123

    😭😭😭😭😭😭capitan america is gon 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Daniel Jaek
    Daniel Jaek

    Daniel Jaek

  • Power The Immortal or Isaac
    Power The Immortal or Isaac

    when hopper died he got reincarnated into a russian. how ironic.

  • Power The Immortal or Isaac
    Power The Immortal or Isaac

    finally what we wanted to be the first female staring marvel movie.

  • Диана Чачибая
    Диана Чачибая

    Наташа май сыстэр

  • Oisin Reilly
    Oisin Reilly

    There's leaks for this out, the twists and end credits scenes. If any of you have seen them, what do you think of them??? Boring or not?? Do you think they're real or not??

    • Oisin Reilly
      Oisin Reilly

      @andrew cioffi well I hope not. Then we dont have to get spoiled 👏👏

    • andrew cioffi
      andrew cioffi

      I hope its real, That means more Tasky in future films

  • SOBAN_ _K14
    SOBAN_ _K14

    1:22 by the look on her face it looks like she knew the guy personally.... Y do i have a feelin the guy is hawkeye

    • andrew cioffi
      andrew cioffi

      well its not..

  • SOBAN_ _K14
    SOBAN_ _K14

    1:13 are those pym particles in her hands

  • Back in blaCk
    Back in blaCk

    You mean... Russian avengers...

  • JKees

    I can't be the only one burned out on these movies right?

  • ionut suvar
    ionut suvar

    it would be great if spiderman appeared in the movie.

  • throwing shade
    throwing shade

    her: “after all this time?” me: “always.” her: “what brings you home?” me: *disappointment*

  • Orion

    are those *PyM pArTiClEs* ???

  • Estevan Garcia
    Estevan Garcia

    Taskmaster looks like something out of a Nerf commercial

  • Rhegina Anne Vasquez
    Rhegina Anne Vasquez

    You know in my own world, Natasha ended up with Steve. I still can't accept that Steve went back to Peggy. Doesn't make sense.

  • Ashwin Panwar
    Ashwin Panwar

    0:14 Pym particles??? (Pause and Look at her hand)

  • Hippie Lewis
    Hippie Lewis

    Scarlett one ugly woman

  • Eric 777
    Eric 777

    We are still both trained killers

  • Yashua Fradkin
    Yashua Fradkin

    Natasha: who the hell is that guy Dude with the shield: I’m you but better.

  • Dragon’s attack
    Dragon’s attack

    BOO BLACK WIDOW NEEDS TO STAY DEAD ya I hate black widow boo me if u want

  • Beer View Mirrors
    Beer View Mirrors

    Marvel forgot how to build up a solo movie. Always a bunch of superhero is not how we see as a solo movie.

  • the one and only Orecon
    the one and only Orecon

    Florence Pugh is truly on an amazing career path!!

  • Atheia Kid
    Atheia Kid

    This is about as visually stimulating as a bathroom. Needs better lighting and stylized tones. Does nobody care any more.

  • Bjornarmar

    Big meh.

  • Tushar Thakur
    Tushar Thakur

    The Avenger Bollywood 1. Captain America : Hrithik roshan 2. Iron Man : Shahrukh khan 3. Thor : John Abraham 4. Hulk : Salman Khan 5 Black widow : Deepika Padukone 6. Hawk eye : Ranveer Singh 7. Nick fury : Anupam kher 8. Loki : Aamir khan 9. War Machine : Vicky kaushal 10. Wanda : alia bhat 11. Vision : Sidharth Malhotra 12. Winter Soldier : Shahid Kapoor 13. Black Panther : Ajay Devgan 14. Ant Man : Ayushmann khurana 15. Spider man : Tiger shrof 16. Falcon : Rajkumar rao 17. Dr. Strange : Ranbir Kapoor 18. Captain Marvel : katrina kaif 19. Star lord : Saif Ali Khan 20. Thanos : Sanjay Dutt

  • Afif Qaiyum
    Afif Qaiyum

    You guy focus on views? Why view up and down?

  • chris bogan
    chris bogan

    To be honest with you seeing that this chick plays in a Nazi movie I'm definitely not wasting my money to go and see this pile of trash I've honestly lost all respect for Scarlett Johansson as an actress and any movies that have her in them I will not watch. I don't care if JoJo rabbit is supposed to be a parody, there's literally nothing funny about Nazis and there's definitely nothing funny about it being viewed through the eyes of a Jewish girl who's parodying it.

  • Infinite Videos and Games!
    Infinite Videos and Games!


  • Soravia

    Too old!

  • leonard fairell
    leonard fairell

    About time!

  • Banghaji 88
    Banghaji 88

    in the first trailer, Taskmaster have bow arrow I'm afraid his a Hawkeye, I'm very disappointed if his a Hawkeye bcoz it's quite joking, just like Captain Marvel how about Nick Fury lost his eye

  • Tony Ke
    Tony Ke

    Wait, if Taskmaster has a variant of Captain America's shield, then how come Vibranium is the rarest metal on Marvel Earth? In the First Avenger, Howard Stark said it's all they've got...


    ?? 1:28 ? ? ??

  • Francesco prodo
    Francesco prodo

    I have a strong feeling that guy is Hawkeye, and something,something budapest.

  • Francesco prodo
    Francesco prodo

    Scarlett Johansson in “HIGH-KICK” Let me guess.. black widows KGB sister dies at the end giving sc-go the power to overcome the odds. OR she dies at the end.. sacrificing herself for the soul stone..

  • Francesco prodo
    Francesco prodo

    Scarlett Johansson in “HIGH-KICK” Let me guess.. black widows KGB sister dies at the end giving sc-go the power to overcome the odds. OR she dies at the end.. sacrificing herself for the soul stone..

  • Mina L H
    Mina L H

    Please, can someone tell this b!tch to stop jumping to her death ? My lil heart can't handle it

  • Nightmare Express
    Nightmare Express

    Taskmaster might be my favorite

  • Noah Biondi
    Noah Biondi

    Dead Avenger: Gets a movie Hawkeye: "I don't understand. Have you ever had someone take your brain and play? Pull you out and send something else in? Do you know what it's like to be unmade?"

    • Sean B
      Sean B

      The movie is set well before her death in Endgame. It’s a prequel.

  • Naif Mukadam
    Naif Mukadam


  • Seventh Trumpet Tattoos
    Seventh Trumpet Tattoos

    So this is taking place after civil war correct?

  • Steven B
    Steven B

    Let's see ... do I wanna spend my money on women led movies where they openly hate white males ? NOPE …. Marvel can F' OFF

  • George Yiacas
    George Yiacas

    Its water weight roffl

  • handsom.chris

    My excuse when someone tells me that i'm fat "It's mainly water weight"

  • Jesus Christ Repent
    Jesus Christ Repent

    HOW TO BE SAVED : 1. Admit that you are a sinner. 2. Turn away from sin. (Repent) 3. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you, was buried and rose from the dead. 4. Through prayer, invite Jesus into your heart to become your Saviour.

  • Attila Kóbor
    Attila Kóbor

    Imo, this looks horrible. Hope they just f*cked up the trailer

  • ThreefireOn 001
    ThreefireOn 001

    Hey marvel pls make a tv series about kid loki with timothee chalamet

  • Nobody

    Please make more films i am getting tired of watching the same 22 films every month...

  • Geraldthewitcher2

    No really, who the hell was that guy????