Niall Horan - Put A Little Love On Me
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Director: Cameron Busby
Producer: James Sibio
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#NiallHoran #PutALittleLoveOnMe
Music video by Niall Horan performing Put A Little Love On Me. © 2019 Neon Haze Music Ltd, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Kathleen

    Came here after listening to Walls. OF COURSE MY TEARS ARE FALLING DOWN WHEN THE LIGHTS ARE LOW 😭

  • Golden Track #1
    Golden Track #1

    A beautiful voice A beautiful piano A beautiful girl A beautiful dress A beautiful man A beautiful sound Just overall beautiful This looks and sounds so perfect

  • Khushi Popat
    Khushi Popat

    Too much to ask for: My shadow’s dancing for the first time without you Put a little love on me: When the lights come up and there’s no shadows dancing Wow he really does love shadows dancing❤️

  • trash

    Niall James Horan Gallagher, you are amazing

  • trash

    Sorry, I don't care about anything except Niall and Louis

  • Citlali Gzz.
    Citlali Gzz.

    love you💖💖

  • Paola Robelo
    Paola Robelo

    come back one direcction is beautiful song my niall💖

  • John Roth
    John Roth

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  • Marim exols
    Marim exols

    This should like a song that would be played on Greys anatomy ...

  • Sérèñgítí múrmú
    Sérèñgítí múrmú

    Right direction

  • Hana

    It’s my birthday and guess whose spending their birthday with the best songs


    Good Vibes

  • Bianca Yllana de la Cruz
    Bianca Yllana de la Cruz

    Loving this song

  • chetna Takumi
    chetna Takumi

    Beautiful 💙

  • Beautiful Disaster67
    Beautiful Disaster67


  • モンスー


  • Teara Smith
    Teara Smith

    Luh nagmumura. Puta little love on me

  • Alejandra :v
    Alejandra :v

    Esta canción es arte

  • One Direction For Life
    One Direction For Life

    I swear this song deserves so much more attention!🥺❤️

  • freja schønwald
    freja schønwald

    I love this

  • Nel Nomas
    Nel Nomas


  • Widya Yuliana
    Widya Yuliana


  • Facu Riquelme
    Facu Riquelme

    2011: I need that one thing. 2019: You're the only one I need

  • panda 2081
    panda 2081

    Beautiful ❤

  • Ira Dixit
    Ira Dixit

    be right backkkk still crying over this

  • emilyvalentina

    nobody : literally nobody: not a single soul : directioners in every comment section: “hMm nIaLl sHoUlD cOlLAb wItH zAyN, lIAm, lOuiS aNd hArRy ..”

  • Ivan Mafabihillay
    Ivan Mafabihillay

    Wow this is so perfect

  • Kaila Jensen
    Kaila Jensen

    Idk why but every time he sings “you’re the only one I need” the tune reminds me of the Sam and Cat theme song

  • larry stylinson is life
    larry stylinson is life


  • Jen Horan Styles
    Jen Horan Styles

    La escucho una y otra vez y sigo enamorada de esta preciosa canción, gracias por tanto Ni ❤

  • oppa jisso
    oppa jisso

    Does it sound like a music of Lewis Capaldi... or is it just me?

    • Audrey Carreira
      Audrey Carreira

      oppa jisso they’re basically best friends, their tastes are pretty similar

  • MrRedstardude

    Unfortunately, I don't think Hailey's upset like Niall is. A girl can break up on a Monday, find a new boyfriend by Wednesday and be really happy like nothing ever happened .

  • Azumi Anyelin
    Azumi Anyelin


  • Sam ar
    Sam ar

    The only one thing that I benefited from 1D breakup is awesome nail’s voice in him songs + music an lyrics everything is simple and warm and this what’s make him very special ♥️

  • Soulful Elementz
    Soulful Elementz

    We love this song Niall, so beautifully song and written. Thanks for sharing with the world.

  • Mary Lu
    Mary Lu

    The dislikes are tears from the people who loved the song 🤔

  • raquel moreira fernandes
    raquel moreira fernandes

    Imageni much harry estyles

  • rima hire
    rima hire

    I'm gonna go into a corner and cry

  • Aashish Saini
    Aashish Saini

    8.25m times people sleeped well.

  • Aashish Saini
    Aashish Saini

    Why you should listen/watch Niall: 1. Top notch level masterpiece LYRICS. 2. Coz niall's voice can make you sleep in the middle of the song at night/day and go mad in front of your mirror when you're ALONE. 3. His clothing is heart warming. 4. Sings Directly from his SOUL. 5. If you want to break your screen/mouse by clicking on the replay button 1000m times. 6. Coz it's Niall Horan. 7.,...To infinity and beyond. #Fact #HellaTrue #Certified

  • Aashish Saini
    Aashish Saini

    I hope someday I'll have someone to dance onto this song which is a MASTERPIECE.

  • elle


  • bombolini is da bomb
    bombolini is da bomb

    I thought that woman was hailee

  • Chinmoy Bora
    Chinmoy Bora

    When he says " Put a little love on me " wow just beautiful 😍

    • Marim exols
      Marim exols

      Yeah same!


    Selena and Niall Collab!!! Please..

  • Team KimChi
    Team KimChi

    Angelic voice Niall 🤩🤩🤩

  • Hussein Al Zubaidy
    Hussein Al Zubaidy

    I like it i love it perhaps

  • Hannah Sancandi
    Hannah Sancandi


  • Prof Daniel
    Prof Daniel



    The song don't deserve a dislike button.

    • Marim exols
      Marim exols


  • Murielle Mauclere
    Murielle Mauclere

    Toujours aussi beau petit Niall 😍😍

  • Dalton Randall
    Dalton Randall

    The song is nice, but why is the quality of the video so terrible?

  • Andrea Flegrova
    Andrea Flegrova


  • Sas Sas
    Sas Sas

    So sweet hope he means what he says and it's not just PR.... Cause this beautiful song is it worth to be sung from the heart.

  • Mekhrinoz Egamberdieva
    Mekhrinoz Egamberdieva

    I'm almost crying...

  • Mahater Diwa
    Mahater Diwa

    I really loved this song but it's sad see that it didn't reach 30M views😔

  • Belle Crispian
    Belle Crispian

    why is dis the best thing ever?

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown

    This song is incredible! Niall is very talented! His singing cheers me up everyday! You are awesome Niall! Your my idol and inspiration!

  • Wallacy M. Lima
    Wallacy M. Lima

    A very good song! 🇧🇷

  • Eeman 11
    Eeman 11