Official music for "Noise" from the ninth Nightwish album Human. :||: Nature., out April 10th, 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records. Order:
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Music: Tuomas Holopainen
Lyrics: Tuomas Holopainen
Sound Engineer: Tero Kinnunen
Mixed by Mikko Karmila
Mastered by Mika Jussila
Video directed by: Stobe Harju
Music Publisher: Potoska Publishing Ltd
Crave the machine
Revere the screen
Zoom in for flak and misery
Bleed some pixels
Shoot yourself
Pose for the dead
Have a near-life experience
In a hot air matrix
Now you're a star
Vain avatar
Feeding the beast
In your loud Egoland
You have become
Tool of a tool
Digital ghouls
Telling you to
Shut up and dance!
Color a yarn and the crowds will gather
From a sunless world
Your mirror is black, only a copy stares back
At a slave of brave new world
To decoy the human voice
Brain insomniac, paranoiac
Endless noise
Please love me
See how I bleed
Please endure
I have such empathy in me
Hum, noise, hum
Beautifully numb
Tapping the quiet air
To have a meaning
By a carrion
Sad hologram
Lost in the maze
The real and human feel
Sunset is free
From this deity
The Earth has a real voice
Go out and get in
I will follow
Color a yarn and the crowds will gather
From a sunless world
Your mirror is black, only a copy stares back
At a slave of brave new world
To decoy the human voice
Brain insomniac, paranoiac
Endless noise
Feast your eyes on the black mirror
Feed the beast, join the gathering
Tell a tale
Feast of fears is drawing nearer
Beyond the human horizon
Something terrifying sleeps
From a sunless world
Your mirror is black, only a copy stares back
At a slave of brave new world
To decoy the human voice
Brain insomniac, paranoiac
Endless noise

  • Nuclear Blast Records
    Nuclear Blast Records

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    • victoria galbur
      victoria galbur

      #AskNightwish Will there be a "making of" video? Fans are waiting for many comments and explanations from the band regarding this album!!

    • Elysiium

      No a question but I love Tuomas’s costume in this video #AskNightwish

    • Christos Papakyriakou
      Christos Papakyriakou

      #AskNightwish Whose idea was to include the Mona Lisa?

    • FINGamer

      I hope there is behind the scenes!

    • fallenfaerie1020

      @Jeremy Tassin I was wondering who the little girl was as well!

  • Cosmic Creation
    Cosmic Creation

    Where is Emppu?? #AskNightwish

  • Darth Deeznuts
    Darth Deeznuts

    Nightwish or get out of Fucktown

  • Ole Carsten Søiland
    Ole Carsten Søiland

    This is a great song. And a fantastic video. It is, about ouer life. A life, we live in every day. A life ,90% of people in the world, need every day. A life ,we can not be without anymore. A life, with much lies. And fake imiges. Fake news. A life ,there we geth foold every day. A life, there we all start belive in. We are all, in that life. ME TOO. The sosial media life. Where we think, sosial media is the truth. Without, a LIKE on FB, INSTA, SNAP, Or whatever media we are on. If we dont, geth the LIKES we want. We feel ,the life is more miserbel. We feel bad/sad, if we dont geth. Likes or smiles or thumbs up. When we put, something on ouer sosial media page. And when, we are in the sosial media life. WE FORGETH, WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND US. WE ARE NOTH, REKOGNISING WHAT IS HAPPENING OUTSIDE OUER DOOR. WE ARE, FORGEHTING WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT. WE ARE NOT, SEEING WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE WORLD. BECAUSE, WE CAN NOT. BE WITHOUT, SOSIAL MEDIA ANYMORE. BECAUSE, SOSIAL MEDIA. IS OUER LIFE: A sosial media, with 1000`s, of fake news every day. With 1000`s ,of fake imiges every day. With 1000`s ,of lies every day. And sosial media, have make us belive in that SHITT. Sosial media, have make us belive. In fake news. Fake imiges. And lies. AND WE, BELIVE THAT SHITT. THANK YOU NIGHTWISH. For making, this video and song about of ouer life. Thank you Nightwish. For telling us. How ouer life has become. Thank you Nightwish. FOR TELLING US, THE TRUTH. WE , DONT SEE ANYMORE. THANK YOU NIGHTWISH. Thank you Nightwish. For open my eyes, and show me. How bad, this world has become. Sorry, if my english is litebith bad.

  • Mufasa F
    Mufasa F

    #AskNightwish Why is the human flesh ass made to appear as the main focus of the video clip? What a disgusting sexist bias

  • United By Chaos Official
    United By Chaos Official

    the band's lyrics confuses narcissism for noise. it come off as a bunch of rich people pretending to criticize the same paradigm it represents and reinforce. there's nothing genius about the lyrics either, it's rather dull, dumb and illiterate English- it lacks proper grammar. it should just stick to topics it really knows and truly understands. . this is a highly overrated band that lasted longer than it should, while i appreciate it's older clout chasing to maintain the status quo than about songs about pure fantasy, Nightwish has become boring.

  • Alan Foster
    Alan Foster

    Jenna tries some windmilling :).

  • Maireny Salas
    Maireny Salas

    Amazing video!

  • Louis V
    Louis V

    i like nightwish, and theyve had a metalhead in their band for a while now (floor janesen) i feel like what nightwish is missing FOR ME is more guitar.. theyre a great band i love them, once floor joined i became a huge fan.. but i still think they need more of a metal sound, they need to use their guitarist more, he has talent but he dosn't really do much aside from give their songs a bit of distortion playing simple power chords.. the guy can shred hes shown that off in romanticide.

  • Cristian Herrera
    Cristian Herrera

    The beginning reminds me of "I pet goat Ii"... Good song

  • BlackFeather713

    Ok boomer

  • Kuka Soitti
    Kuka Soitti

    Paras musavideo, jonka olen nähyt vuosiin... tai ikinä.

  • FrenchToasties123

    How can one band make such a boomer song, yet be so metal?

  • Commander Fadds
    Commander Fadds

    I played this on my TV over and over until the neighbors downstairs got absolutely pissed and payed me a visit. Killed my mood...

  • m1xxx3r

    idk why but i feel "Last ride of the day" vibes

  • stray85

    Tuomas actually hugged the fucking tree:)

  • BlueFlash25

    For some reason this remind me of Kids ain´t alright from Ofspring

  • klaqi iqalk
    klaqi iqalk


  • Reverend Shadow
    Reverend Shadow

    Define Irony: watching an anti cellphone video on my cellphone

  • Sir Chowder Mcdoogle
    Sir Chowder Mcdoogle

    TD Jakes: Get off Facebook and put your face in "The Book".

  • Miroslav Mádle
    Miroslav Mádle

  • Перепелица Максим
    Перепелица Максим

    Where is a melody. Will something ever change from a moment when they invited Anett to sing? Problem is not in vocals, problem - music itself.

  • Manonsilvermountain

    Great work musically and visually. Watching it on smartphone is quite a trip!

  • WickedTV


  • Andres Carrero
    Andres Carrero

    Tuomas holopainen is a genius

  • TheSavageRebellion1996

    This absolutely sucks. Whoever likes this, is a weirdo.

  • alan pinder
    alan pinder

    brill video ,great song ,makes you think.the . nightwish at their best still my number one ,never in 60 years have I heard music like this

  • Martin Tenebris
    Martin Tenebris

    Esto es fantástico, una producción increible, lás voces, la música, es de primera A!! Pero Salvo algunas pequeñas partes, ha desaparecido el Nighwish de antaño, ese que te hacía soñar, que era un viaje mágico, que era dulce, poético, celestial, se fue... Este Nighwish es impecable, pero es una nueva banda, el anterior de fue con Tarja, la estrella más brillante, y terminó de morir en Imaginarium...

    • Mufasa F
      Mufasa F

      Decades debería haber sido la despedida más digna para NW , a partir de ahora empiezan a dar penita ..

    • Montresor

      Por supuesto que es distinto. Pasaron 20 años desde esa epoca y la musica evoluciona. Yo creo que si no fuera asi, seguiriamos escuchando solamente a Bach o Beethoven. Uno puede evolucionar con la musica o quedarse detenido en una epoca. Yo ya disfrute de Wishmaster y Oceanborn en su momento (y lo sigo disfrutando cada tanto, por supuesto). Ahora quiero algo nuevo. Saludos!

  • Steve Ratchford
    Steve Ratchford

    My 12 year old granddaughter says that the beginning is the baptism of a baby into the world of social media. She smiled and then went back to her tick tock lol

  • rand davison
    rand davison

    makes me wish i still got high

  • Eli Benitez
    Eli Benitez

    Such evil

  • Mark The Dark
    Mark The Dark

    I have a question regarding the lineup. Will Jukka ever come back into the band? And who is the drummer right now? Is it the same drummer from Endless Forms Most Beautiful? Who?

    • Mantai Luaa
      Mantai Luaa

      Mark The Dark Jukka is with the band still but only in management side, he is no longer their drummer. Mis him but Kai Hahto is a beast with drumms so I cant complain.

    • tapio turja
      tapio turja

      Same, Kai Hahto.

  • Mark The Dark
    Mark The Dark

    Yay! Nightwish is back on the menu!

  • mau deb
    mau deb

    3:18 🤘

  • Gerd Wilke
    Gerd Wilke

    03:48 Doctor Who?

    • Montresor

      Yes, Dr Who... and GoT... and Black Mirror... and Brave New Word.... all of these inspired Tuomas.

  • Paulo Borges
    Paulo Borges

    Who is blonde girl?

  • hadashidesu

    @ where is Floors voice in the new songs ?

  • hadashidesu

    I never thought I'd say this, but I'm disappointed... The older songs were so much better and powerful. Floors has the most powerful voice in the world, but Tuomas is not using it at all...

  • Rauno Hämäläinen
    Rauno Hämäläinen

    i just noticed that video is 20 sec shorter than lyric single!

    • Rauno Hämäläinen
      Rauno Hämäläinen

      sorry...i mean longer!!!

  • daynanikole -
    daynanikole -


  • Zuia Ht
    Zuia Ht

    2:28 thank me later

  • Charliesan763

    Awesome song! that blonde thot represent all the ones making money with kids libido lol

  • Juan Troncoso
    Juan Troncoso

    The blond girl is Jessica Edstrom

  • Anna

    I want more and more of Nightwish😁 They are amazing🤯 can't wait for the video with live performance of this masterpiece🤘

  • Lileinit

    Better than Billie Elish

  • Maximilien Aue
    Maximilien Aue

    Really nice track, it sound like Game of throne's soundtracks!

    • Tony Montana
      Tony Montana

      Hmmm...would this be 7010th time...

  • Дмитрий Терентьев
    Дмитрий Терентьев


  • Victoria Reilly
    Victoria Reilly

    ...... I feel bad now for watching this on my phone........

    • Leon Theuws
      Leon Theuws

      Don't.... it's not against phones

  • Matthew Charman
    Matthew Charman

    I love this song and video. NW are still amazing. Still, the 40k fan in me can't stop seeing the sinister hooded figure as a Tech-Priest.

  • imim995

    Wow just wow in a good way, it has references to modern day society, definitely a unique perspective. Sadly true. Was that the intended message / meaning of the video as the lyrics speak for themselves

  • Merlijn Braam
    Merlijn Braam

    #AskNightwish who is the tube-faced person in the story of the clip?

    • F V
      F V

      @Mantai Luaa i know it's oil ...but i was just using the word "Mud" to express the metaphorical meaning of the oil... I couldn't say " the oil of the modern world " it has no sense ...

    • Mantai Luaa
      Mantai Luaa

      F V Actually it is not mud, it is oil, you can see the oil barrels behind the bathtubb.

    • F V
      F V

      In the clip story the tube-faced person and the tree hugger ,the environmentalist are the same person He is about protecting nature and all green in social media just to get liked by others but in his real life he baths in the black mud that is "The modern world" and he doesn't really care about nature

  • Toni Colom Sánchez
    Toni Colom Sánchez

    Que buenorra está la rubia 😀

  • Cristina

    Epica's Requiem for the Indifferent album which treated the same problems got heavily bashed at the time because was too ahead of its time. Just saying.

  • Leonardo Wrobel
    Leonardo Wrobel

    Just visual, nothing more! Nightwish is just a ghost of himself since Once! And why the fucking all this green? Is it to gain attention from the mainstream globalist media?

    • Mantai Luaa
      Mantai Luaa

      Leonardo Wrobel Obviously you did not get the point of the vid.

  • Jonatan Carminati
    Jonatan Carminati

    Sorry will I sound rude if I say I didn't like the music at all? :(

    • Jonatan Carminati
      Jonatan Carminati

      @Piethein De Jonge Well, it seems it sounded rude for you, that you try to offend me. I'm just a fan who compares Nightwish before and Nightwish now. Relax man.

    • Piethein De Jonge
      Piethein De Jonge

      You are a Coldplay fan probably...

  • jakub adamec
    jakub adamec

    new Nightwish, I didn't know this was happening, jupijej!

  • JuanJo Solano
    JuanJo Solano

    No veo a Emppu Vuorinen en el vídeo

    • erkkinho

      Es uno de los monjes.

  • sexcriminaleunclemass wowaheffzulianogolero
    sexcriminaleunclemass wowaheffzulianogolero

    lucifer master and margaret invite satanas ball on hundred coupple masquarade sound apocalypse last act don giovani sign christine dae dance de sade devils dwarfs all dark mightys elves chaos heavy metall hella goddes death king chaos love new nightwish you margaret armageddon sweat music death play by satan lovely satanas masquarade that call hellopera opus 666 gothic hurricane classic noise bloody madnmess sufering sweat dsuffering end near sorropw sadness umberto eco phantom bulhakov bloody satanic madness love my witches master APOCALYPSIS MASQURADE DEVIL LOVE YOU ROSE xoxo

  • Ryan Kral
    Ryan Kral

    Am i the only one that noticed that the main riff kinda sounds like the one from storytime?

  • Grant

    Anyone else hear the Game of Thrones theme there? ❤️ amazing song. Can’t wait for the new album to drop.