Petr Cech becomes hero on ice hockey debut
Action from Petr Cech's ice hockey debut in which the former Chelsea and Arsenal goalkeeper saved two penalties as his new team Guildford Phoenix beat Swindon Wildcats.
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  • suicidart

    Красава! Две Легенды Чех и Гашек!

  • H H
    H H

    I love the bias filming 😂

  • Oliver Holm
    Oliver Holm

    Football to Hockey

  • bgill694

    This is a great story and definitely brought a smile to my face... but the level of play in this league is very low haha. Probably the equivalent of junior B in canada. Petr did remarkably well considering he isn't even a hockey player. If his skating improved he would be a solid goalie... he is big and his angles/positioning are good. His soccer days served him well no doubt. This was fun to see!

  • M1daz

    kdo si vsimnul ze ma stejny cislo jak dominator

  • NerdWithFriends

    No way! Is that actually him?

  • klauskarlkraus

    Please stop jacking off saying he is an amazing goalie... cause he is not. This is beer league level where I am from. It's just a guy that went from being amazing at soccer to try out some new stuff

  • Portorož 1905
    Portorož 1905

    This guy is just begging to have another head injury.

  • Pierre H
    Pierre H

    This game was brought to you by prostate cancer

  • Ylinatsiperkele

    Lol this guy quit the best sport in the world and started to play marginal sport only played in russia LOL

    • Niistäjä-Severi

      @TheOld Just stop arguing. You know nothing. Don't get confused with professional players and registered players. There are 1.4 million registered ice hockey players, while football, basketball etc have hundreds of millions of them. Just google it, you are wrong!

    • Niistäjä-Severi

      ​@TheOld I do know a lot of ice hockey, probably more than you if you really think it's the second most common sport in the world. I'm from Finland. What makes you think I'm from the UK? Does my name look like an English one? Your knowledge about the world wide popularity of ice hockey is just biased.

    • TheOld

      @Niistäjä-Severi But what can a guy from (probably) UK. Know about sport where they are the worst. Even Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Hungaria are at the same level as you guys. And in the IIHF championship you are the team that will probably get 10 goals in one game

    • TheOld

      @Niistäjä-Severi You cant also say that there are one hundred millions of football players!

    • TheOld

      @Niistäjä-Severi Are you stupid? These players were paid for playing or they are young and soon they will be paid.

  • Banaani Mansikka
    Banaani Mansikka

    Does this mean that peter cech quit soccer

    • Niistäjä-Severi

      Oi Suomi on !

    • AimMin

      Yes he retired from football alr

    • RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me
      RatedPending - Please Don't Sue Me

      @SweProGhost 22 chill some athletes play multiple sports simultaneously, however yes Petr Čech retired.

    • SweProGhost 22
      SweProGhost 22

      Banaani Mansikka yes u dumb fuck

  • No Bias
    No Bias

    Cech is a renaissance athlete, this guy is also educated and plays the drum as well.

  • Dickhew Matthson
    Dickhew Matthson

    Very dark in there

  • Sugeng Wijaya
    Sugeng Wijaya

    Good job

  • bowmen82

    As a Canadian Arsenal fan with a lifetime experience with Hockey this was cool to see, and happy for him. You can tell he's a fan of the sport wearing #39, which was the number of Hall of Fame Czech goalie Dominik Hasek who was notorious for his insane snow angel saves, just look it up. Cech did a good job with positioning, keeping his shoulders square and being calm in the net. Obvious benefits from playing Professional Football for so long. He does however need to improve on balance and movement, which is difficult as a Hockey goalie since the equipment is heavy. But these things are fixable with time and practice; same goes for picking up the puck with the trapper lol.

    • Jason Chow Vancouver Real Estate
      Jason Chow Vancouver Real Estate

      Dom hasek was notorious for being arguably the best ever, not just snow angels :)

  • František Vtelenský
    František Vtelenský

    As a person from the Czech Republic, I love to see our legend living his dream. Also big up those Czech fans with our national flag singing our typical chants "Kdo neskáče, není Čech!" BTW: Some nasty tasty moves in those shootouts from Guildford players!

  • gre en
    gre en

    17:30 Cech penalty save1 19:20 Cech penalty save2

    • BrenButler

      that's the shootout not a penalty shot, but i know the lingo is a bit different between sports right?

    • HaytersTV

      Thanks for the timings, gre en.

  • bballjizzo

    Even the photographer asked to have a pic with him lol. Petr Cech is living his best life.

  • Čech Furutin
    Čech Furutin

    When goals?

    • Monk Respecter
      Monk Respecter

      I think the video is missing his second goal against, but his first is at 11:05.

  • Cristian David Quintana
    Cristian David Quintana

    Great legend

  • T ngullie
    T ngullie

    My hero.. My legend... One and only *P.C*.. 😊 *Blue legend*💙

  • Antar Bousfat
    Antar Bousfat

    Once a great goalkeeper always a great goalkeeper

    • JJ Eatt
      JJ Eatt

      @Max Weinberg I heard he used to play as a kid

    • Max Weinberg
      Max Weinberg

      It was surprising to me as an avid hockey fan and casual football fan, that he was able to play goalie this well without training for over a decade like most goalies. Most people who start playing hockey spend the first year falling on their face over and over again. I guess being a world class athlete and being able to afford amazing coaches definitely helps though. You can still see he is fairly new because occasionally he tries to slide on his steel and stuttersteps or catches a small edge. Edit: at 11:05 he either doesn't seal his post correctly or leaves his 5 hole open too much and the puck squeaks in off a low-chance shot.