Petr "No Mercy" Yan Highlights (HD) 2019 Пётр Ян
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Music: M.ABeatMaker - Tremors of Earth
Petr Evgenyevich Yan (Russian: Пётр Евгеньевич Ян; born 11 February 1993) is a Russian professional mixed martial artist in the bantamweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Yan formerly fought in Absolute Championship Berkut where he became the bantamweight champion and defended his belt before signing an offer with Ultimate Fighting Championships. As of December 16, 2019, he is #3 in the UFC bantamweight rankings.

  • Daniel Caton
    Daniel Caton

    Why does it look like his arms are so short?

  • Анатолий Русич .
    Анатолий Русич .

    Молодец Пётр , ложи их всех . Сибирь вперёд !

  • nik jagger
    nik jagger

    what a beast

  • Roger Jolla
    Roger Jolla

    That guy punching to kill👊

  • Lu Sousal
    Lu Sousal

    Poor faber

  • T Uu
    T Uu

    You don't get fighters that talented very often, him and adesanya are on fire

  • T Uu
    T Uu

    Never watched highlights of this guy before, definitely now my favourite fighter

  • xjoshsauce

    This gonna be a good for triple C

  • Hensen

    it seems like he barely touches people and they fly back! literally sometimes

  • Hensen

    it seems like he barely touches people and they fly back! literally sometimes

  • Atheist

    Great video bud 👊

  • spacecadet415

    Intro song?

  • fjordag dagsland
    fjordag dagsland

    How much can this Son dude take😮😂

  • Angel Gonzales
    Angel Gonzales

    This man can end No Love’s career. No Mercy VS No Love

  • Твой Враг
    Твой Враг

    Ждите , скоро он наденет на себя пояс , ему никто ничего сказать и показать не сможет , ментально - он просто демон , технически у него нет слабых сторон , кардио - его хватит больше , чем на 5 раундов , еще и этот сумасшедший темп, помноженный на вымеренный, но не сломимый прессинг. From Cold Russia with love!

  • You are Wasting Your Time Reading this
    You are Wasting Your Time Reading this

    That knee switch to a kick was clean as hell when he knocked out Faber.

  • Андрей Гузовский
    Андрей Гузовский

    Отличная техника стала у Петра. Таиланд похоже дарит не только море и солнце но и крутые навыки ударной техники. Особенно мне понравились удары локтями

  • Daud Daudov
    Daud Daudov

    Петя силен

  • Daud Daudov
    Daud Daudov

    Петя газуй

  • Benjamin Johnson
    Benjamin Johnson

    The way he switches stances and keeps throwing hard as hell is amazing to me

  • Marko Nuganen
    Marko Nuganen

    Next khabib

  • Onur Atan
    Onur Atan

    New Champ :))

  • Jose Cavazos
    Jose Cavazos

    What type of haircut is that?

    • Atheist

      @Ицхак Киршенбаум 😂😂😂😂😂 bliatie

    • Ицхак Киршенбаум
      Ицхак Киршенбаум

      Russian village style.

  • Lumberjack

    Conor the type of guy to hit you with a left like if it was a right

  • Zachary._.Chambers

    Alexander and this kid are amazing

  • David Filipović
    David Filipović

    What a fucking savage

  • Arnaud Arnaud
    Arnaud Arnaud

    I'm eager to see him destroy Cejudo's face.

  • J_scoggs 21
    J_scoggs 21

    Future champ, can’t see anybody beating this beast

  • джо с
    джо с

    Он их просто пиздит.

  • mustafa chey
    mustafa chey

    his clinch techniques are very interesting. i havent seen those yet. he has an really unique style.

  • Peter K
    Peter K

    2:30 why they call him an assassin

  • Danne Matt
    Danne Matt

    his comodo dragon footwork is unortodox and fresh in the sport, and it works wonders

  • John Aides
    John Aides


  • Casual Observer
    Casual Observer

    Title fight required!

  • MCMF Adventures
    MCMF Adventures

    this guys a fuckin vicious

  • Naim GRIZZLY
    Naim GRIZZLY

    0:44 waaw what a knockout

  • daddymedallion


  • chris silliker
    chris silliker

    I would smash this guy. Wouldnt last one round.

  • uncleshan

    wow, this guys insanely good

  • TheBear

    zabit magomedsharipov would probably defeat him.

    • TheBear

      Atheist someone needs to make weight then.

    • Atheist

      Different weight class bud

  • TheBear

    Them kicks be savage as fuck.

  • Thereal DrHankMcCoy
    Thereal DrHankMcCoy

    This dude is for real the Taekwondo boxer. Y'all think Masvidal some hot shit. This dude has some of the purest boxing I've seen in MMA in a long time. ITF Taekwondo and boxing are his main thing

  • Евгений Рязанцев
    Евгений Рязанцев

    Петуха Красавчик!!! Красноярск и вся Сибирь с тобой!!!

  • takitezy7

    Petr "No Mercy" Yan vs Aljamain "Funk Master" Sterling will be an interesting match up. All of Yan's fights thus far have been too easy

    • Atheist

      It was easy because he made them look easy

  • big boi
    big boi

    The way he beat the shit out of Faber with a smile on his face gives me chills

    • Thereal DrHankMcCoy
      Thereal DrHankMcCoy

      @big boi dude reminds me of mike quick swick bit more modern version

    • Thereal DrHankMcCoy
      Thereal DrHankMcCoy

      @big boi not just a belt bro he gonna keep it for a long time till he gets too old to fight

    • big boi
      big boi

      @Thereal DrHankMcCoy fr I see a belt in his future

    • Thereal DrHankMcCoy
      Thereal DrHankMcCoy

      Dude is no joke

    • Thereal DrHankMcCoy
      Thereal DrHankMcCoy

      @big boi bro I think that head kick was initially a knee and he just threw the front snap last second. Shit was like a fukin soccer kick. He did ITF Taekwondo and boxing

  • The Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
    The Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand

    Scariest striker in division

  • Себастьян Перейро
    Себастьян Перейро

    Ай молодца 😉✌️

  • Hasan Ali
    Hasan Ali

    Future of the bantamweight division this guys a beast 🇷🇺

  • jose clemente Gonzales
    jose clemente Gonzales

    Yan is so talented striker.

  • Nolwazi Mhlongo
    Nolwazi Mhlongo

    I'm watching this for like... the 100th time! Excellent video👍👍👍

  • Дмитрий Аксёнов
    Дмитрий Аксёнов

    "No Mercy" is Melvin Manhoef


    Yan is going straight to the top

  • Вандам Шварц
    Вандам Шварц

    Я был на Иво бое в Москве , очень зрелищный боец !!!!Петр чемп !!!!!

  • Uriel Shangpliang
    Uriel Shangpliang

    Soundtrack is lit .

  • Alex Sinkov
    Alex Sinkov

    Siberian Power!

  • Федор Федор
    Федор Федор

    Ну шо сказать красава Ян!!!

  • Славик Лемешев
    Славик Лемешев

    Петька пуля со стальным сердечником

  • Даурен Тажиханов
    Даурен Тажиханов


  • Антон Байков
    Антон Байков

    Красава, все бои твои смотрел!!!

  • Alexander Keller Keller
    Alexander Keller Keller

    Пётр супер...