Post Match Press Conference | United 3-0 Partizan Belgrade | UEFA Europa League
Manchester United
Hear from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after United's 3-0 win over KF Partizan in the UEFA Europa League.
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  • Shell Dahl
    Shell Dahl

    Smiling after the victory - relieving - but NOT THAT IMPRESSIVE !!!


    Now follow what we did against partizan so that we win more matches. Don't lose against lower teams till the end of the season.

  • Jim lim soo thiam
    Jim lim soo thiam

    no big deal 3-0 at home ? ole sacking on the card ?

  • Ahmad Nadzmi
    Ahmad Nadzmi

    young players development by Ole.give him chances to imporove and form up new era of United


    pedrinho number 7 man united

  • Adalberto dos Santos
    Adalberto dos Santos

    As I have been told... This happens when the rival let you play well... And you won't miss goals will score

  • GueOmDuduto

    Ed sucking up his life energy just like the ring, he become more and more look like smeagol :(

  • Anitha Ganesen
    Anitha Ganesen

    Sack ole

  • Daya Singh
    Daya Singh

    We’ll never die we’ll never die We’ll never die we’ll never die We’ll keep the red flag flying high coz man united never die 🔴⚪️⚫️🔴⚪️⚫️🔴⚪️⚫️

  • GARY

    U acted like Manchester United beat Barcelona 3-0!

    • Marcjames Whelan
      Marcjames Whelan

      Who did??

  • Dan Styles_
    Dan Styles_

    Play greenwood as no.10! See what happens...!

  • Devils God
    Devils God

    stop sacking managers why not sack top wages player's after 6months

  • Devils God
    Devils God

    Ole needs lots of time with Manchester united to build the club back to winning ways his a legend player let Ole be our boss some united fans blame the manager it's the top wages player's fault it's the manager to guide us it's the players to score goals stop sacking managers now blame on players

  • sjewitt22

    Nice one, making the questions loud enough.

  • Mark

    Take that fckn smug daft look of your face Sheep

  • MU Viện
    MU Viện

    chúng mày chỉ đá ăn may thôi

  • Eminent Mnzavas
    Eminent Mnzavas

    JANUARY " it's a difficult window " " right players not available " " We must trust the young players"

  • Arjun Saha
    Arjun Saha

    rasford is United hero martial, is red 4ever👍👍💞💓💓 United is the best team in Europe 👍👍💯🏊

  • iyye channel
    iyye channel

    Sign Mbappe, sign Griezman, sign Dele Alli, sign Ruben Neves. Fix, Manchester United reach all Thropy.

  • Maxamed Xasan
    Maxamed Xasan

    Marcos rojo 👑👑

  • Zack X89
    Zack X89

    we need to win againts brighton! must win! please bring Martial & rashford 💪🏼

  • Ritik Sinha
    Ritik Sinha

    What's frustrating is that they will go back to playing average in League.

    • MrAnders9000

      J T thanks JT 👏🔥💯

    • J T
      J T

      oh come on why not wait and see - show some positivity!

  • muscle_growsayain

    Martial 🔥 Marcus 👊🏽 Mason 👍🏽

  • Rizwaan

    I've been on rashford's case for a while now (although I also get that the reason he's been poor for so many months now is that he hasn't had a rest in years) but I actually think the Belgrade keeper did really well. He came out of his goals very fast to close down rashford on those through ball chances, not giving rashford much to aim at

  • Keelin Bester
    Keelin Bester

    Martial also misses a lot

  • Sullay BJ
    Sullay BJ

    Idc who the opponent is, I wanna play well and win. No need to be negative

  • Cuit Cuit
    Cuit Cuit


  • jordan belfort
    jordan belfort

    Ive noticed the "ole out" brigade have never been to a united game and dojt even come from manny😂

  • Mark Clifton
    Mark Clifton

    happy for the win but were still not clinical enough, this was a p poor team we were playing, the amount of space we had was embarrassing.

  • ankit rawat
    ankit rawat

    Rojo played really well. I love the way he passes the ball.

  • Лука Илић
    Лука Илић

    Svaka cast, ovo je viši nivo igre za nas (Partizan)! Želim vam puno sreće u nastavku!

  • Abhijith N
    Abhijith N

    Ole should give more chance to rojo he always makes a difference whenever he plays

  • GR7 Scott
    GR7 Scott

    Why don't play strong team in the EPL?

  • Juan Carlos Perez
    Juan Carlos Perez

    Can’t wait for pogba to be healthy we will go undefeated for the rest of season🙏🏽

  • kamal awil
    kamal awil

    Ole out

    • MrAnders9000

      kamal awil you out

  • Shamirah Shamix
    Shamirah Shamix

    Jus ❤

  • สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง
    สมพงค์ ศรีโพนทอง

    ดีแล้วก็?ปล่อยให้พวกเขาโง่.ต่อไปนะ ค่ะ?เนาะนะค่ะ?คนไทยแลนด์?นะทำ? แทบเป็นแทบตายก็มิเห็นความดีหรอก? สร้างพาว์เวอร์?ที่ต่างประเทศ?นะดีแล้ว จะไม่มีใครๆมาว่าได้นะค่ะ?อยากที่จะ ไปหา?เจ้าชายโมฮัมเหม็ดบินซัลมาน? จริงๆนะค่ะ?

  • Edwin Saleh
    Edwin Saleh

    Juan Mata was the best option to fill the team. At least at first half, so much contribution he made for man utd. Now, if ..and utd play every game like last night, the result will be winning !!!!! Ggmu

    • Max

      Edwin Saleh hes finished hes too slow and weak

    • Edwin Saleh
      Edwin Saleh

      @Max we shouldn't get rid of mata

    • Max

      we should get rid of mata

  • Amirul Hakim
    Amirul Hakim

    It is Partizan, not New Castle or West Ham

  • Tanaad Tv
    Tanaad Tv

    Greenwood is an incredible player all over the world

  • Shaun Booval
    Shaun Booval

    Clean sheet!!!

  • Nana Pateker
    Nana Pateker

    Never get credit or recognition still keep churning out great performances. Mata, Rojo, Romero 👍😍 GGMU

  • fiddlestickz muzik
    fiddlestickz muzik

    keep that pointed spear sharpened, James and Greenwood on each wings, Rashy and Martial in front.. let Fred and McTominay and Pereira shuffle around mid field and Lindeloff, Bissaka and Maguire rear attacking team..!!

  • Riddhiman Medhi
    Riddhiman Medhi

    Did Ole forget that Rojo cost us 2 points vs Liverpool.

  • Felita Notoharmono
    Felita Notoharmono

    well done👏

  • Puspa Edy Kesuma
    Puspa Edy Kesuma

    We need a process ..because i believe ole . He can make United better again .GGMU

  • Amogh Bisht
    Amogh Bisht

    Get Rid of Lingard. Fkin Disgrace

  • killbotone

    Nothing like a half decent win against a team of amateurs to set us up for another defeat at the weekend.

  • Skydes

    Greenwood is so clinical

  • Chiradeep Ghosh
    Chiradeep Ghosh

    The only missing link of the team is the no 10..

  • yakubu Daniel
    yakubu Daniel

    Manutd problem is consistency.

  • Ach Maulani
    Ach Maulani

    Reques ivan rakitic OLE pliss 🙏

    • Max

      no thanks

  • Kaustav Saha
    Kaustav Saha

    Display of pure passion and hunger for goals. Lovely play.

  • C Joe
    C Joe

    This only proves 1 thing Man U can only do well in the Belgrade league.

  • Newton Heath
    Newton Heath

    When the midfield playing simple forward passing football... the No10 juan mata tried hard to create goalscoring opportunities for Marcus, Anthony and Mason... we will always score goals

  • Anson Yong
    Anson Yong

    He smile so happily

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz

    plastic fans where you at? Ole out right?

    • Max

      @Deez Nutz nothing plastic about being concerned about oles tactics and decision making as well as our position in the table and performances

    • Deez Nutz
      Deez Nutz

      This is why plastic such a problem in the world :-)

    • Max

      @Alain Niko united need a rebuild to challenge for the title not to beat teams like bournemouth and newcastle

    • Alain Niko
      Alain Niko

      Rohit Pandey Only blind or Haters do not see he is building man UTD from Scratch. Give OGS time.

    • Chromecast Thisis
      Chromecast Thisis

      @Rohit Pandey he clearly called you plastic? You shouldnt have responded if you had sense

  • Tadheo Harsono
    Tadheo Harsono

    Semua Sayang Ole

  • Naini Keita
    Naini Keita

    no one will talk about it but mata was class

    • Carey Scates
      Carey Scates

      Definitely that contract was laughable

    • Max

      mata was excellent but we should still get rid of him

    • Carey Scates
      Carey Scates

      Think most of the fan channels gave him man of the match

    • Nana Pateker
      Nana Pateker

      Mata 👌👍

  • Olaad boy
    Olaad boy

    rashy is selfish if he can't score he should pass the ball others will score , this boy needs a manager can punish him for what he is doing, Absolutely he is not a team player!

  • espben360

    The commentators pointed out several times, but today we had a block of 4, (maguire, rojo, fred, mctominay), and we had everyone else further forward, and we created many more chances! I want to see this more, because thats the type of football (especially in 1st half) that we SHOULD be playing!!

  • Lammy Koles
    Lammy Koles

    Back to boring football on the weekend

  • sardar ehtasham
    sardar ehtasham

    I still think this job is too much for him.. Win against tactical weaker team.. This club needs Allegari a top flight manager.

    • J T
      J T

      hahahaha manager number 6.... 7....8.....Yeah sack him that obviously solves man ute's problem

  • 187Clemens

    We played well but had we played a better team defensively we would have been punished for sure

  • The Snookerist
    The Snookerist

    Great goal from Martial, terrific skills. However there was some luck involved. The Partizan defender belted his clearance which ricocheted off another player and fell perfectly for Martial, so it wasn't as if he had been played in with a great pass. We really lack someone who can consistently find that through ball. Until we do we won't be winning much.

  • Daya Singh
    Daya Singh

    We could have gotten more

  • iyye channel
    iyye channel

    Not yet, before Manchester United could be on Top Five England Premier League season 2019/2020

  • Josh Robinson
    Josh Robinson

    That’s probably one of the best first 11 just a bit of changes but yeah solid 😁

  • Menggapai Mimpi
    Menggapai Mimpi

    Wiihhh menang... seneng nih...🤣

  • Andre Kawi
    Andre Kawi

    For league games, Ole should start: - Rojo over Lindelof - Romero over De Gea

    • Xtreme Gaming
      Xtreme Gaming

      De Gea over Romero? Do you want to lose?

  • ayden sunassee
    ayden sunassee

    Mata needs replacing as soon as pereira came on the lack of quality is clear I really wanted pereira to work just as a number 10 however we need a new player because it’s clear that he’s not the great player I thought he would be but still time to prove me wrong

    • ayden sunassee
      ayden sunassee

      HydraAvux English I just didn’t put punctuation lol

    • Ethan Draper
      Ethan Draper

      @HydraAvux How is that relevant?

    • HydraAvux

      whats your first language

    • Amiss AV
      Amiss AV

      Bruno Fernandez

  • Ole Gend
    Ole Gend

    I'm sorry but I've just been dissecting AM9s goal for the past hour and I've came to the conclusion that he's first touch was Stupendous,second better, third pshycopathic and the finish, Cute 🤯🔥🔥🔥🤭🥀

    • Kijana Funny
      Kijana Funny

      @Darkbags umm, I would simply say he's praising the way he made the second goal happen...

    • Darkbags

      Busby Legend gey

  • Alleyne Simon
    Alleyne Simon

    Go go u r nuber 1 and i love u MU


    Karena kita bukan fans kardus

  • kelvin kumar
    kelvin kumar

    Glory glory man united

  • Wesley Edwards
    Wesley Edwards

    Who remember the one nail defeat to Bournemouth after this super performance with three fantastic goals ..which we could have score many money goals to...we getting there slowly but surely 💯💯💯

    • Wesley Edwards
      Wesley Edwards

      Well we will see how we play home again on Sunday then

    • muaz ali
      muaz ali

      Wesley Edwards don’t get deceived this is Europa league, wait till Sunday and you will see how we really perform

  • Ave Maria !!!
    Ave Maria !!!

    He is so uninspiring....

  • Cosmic Cleanse
    Cosmic Cleanse

    The Martial, Rashford link up play is looking wavvy. Fred and McTominay look solid defensively but need to improve their passing and creative play. Love when team plays like this!

    • Fynn Krause Football
      Fynn Krause Football

      Hey man, by ur comment id assume ur a proper united fan😁ive got a small youtube channel where i post united videos and im trying to grow it. Would love some support. Its fine if u dont, have an awesome day

  • Aaron Dawson
    Aaron Dawson

    Play them all time then use your brain

  • Safwan Wazed
    Safwan Wazed

    Martial and rashford both could have scored hatricks, missed a lot of chances, should've been a 6+ goal thrashing.