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  • EmKay

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    • UnforgivableOne

      eat a fucking everything bagel you have no idea what youre saying in vid, they are god amongst bagels thou art the pinnacle of blaspheming my sir and you must indulge in the divine bagels

    • panda god
      panda god

      For the bee dog, a beegle

    • 咪咪陈

      4:30 she's posing like Lucky cat

    • Pidgeon_Moose YT
      Pidgeon_Moose YT

      You should do a collab with Giofilms

    • Rowan Murrill
      Rowan Murrill

      EmKay print out the fan art and hang it up in your room

  • Dan Hernandez
    Dan Hernandez


  • LincolnMustBeThinkin

    Just so you know, both of my guinea pigs died. They died at four years old and I loved them.

  • galaxy and spirit studios
    galaxy and spirit studios

    4:46 I forgot the name but that cat is imitating cat objects that symbolis good luck sorry if I spelled something wrong

  • Yoda Man
    Yoda Man

    11:18 you -- "hey little guy whats your name?" owner from inside the stall -- "his name is Toilet Paper"

  • Claudia Borges
    Claudia Borges

    13:30 gives a high five and makes you feel pleasure while saying gnarly If you pick It up and put It in your sholder

  • yeet my FEET
    yeet my FEET

    I live in dublin didn't realise that happened

  • Rixxq minivan
    Rixxq minivan

    I watch you when I'm about to go to bed, you make a sleepy in a relaxing good way.

  • Spencer Rau
    Spencer Rau

    The scariest part of all of this is that Damien didn’t know what an everything bagel was Plus I agree Their gross

  • A Random Person
    A Random Person

    Before watching video: Gotta satisfy myself. After seeing that SCP art (I love SCP btw): yes. Yes! YES!! YYEESS!!!! :D

  • TaVe ronin
    TaVe ronin

    4:35 *STARBARKS*

  • Casey Woods
    Casey Woods

    why is Damien on like a billion channel 99 percent his

  • Whiskey Shaw
    Whiskey Shaw

    3:52 nope, that’s an OWO

  • Annabella Meldzuk
    Annabella Meldzuk

    I like all of the ones about cats and dogs because I am volunteering at the animal shelter and I want to see this.😆😆😆😆especially the one where the 2 cats reaching for a high-5🐈🐈

  • XxFazeNate_Dog 2008xX
    XxFazeNate_Dog 2008xX

    4:32 *I'll buy you entire stock*

  • DeskApple

    So many blessings I am gonna cry as I sleep tonight From adorable happiness

  • Somerandomguy

    4:50 how he didnt notice, the answer is so clear as "chinese fortune cat"?

  • Uniqorn

    4:41 it’s a female cat.

  • Thunderhawk51

    4:42 I think that looks exactly like those Chinese lucky cats it their restaurants, the ones that waves their paw. I kinda like 'em. 🙂

  • Jessica Kauffman
    Jessica Kauffman

    UhhhhhHHHHHHHH! Everything bagles are amazing. I can't believe you've never even seen them. Smh.

  • Sadie Carlton
    Sadie Carlton

    Isn't 4:52 the Beckoning Cat?????

  • Ann Courson
    Ann Courson

    1:11 SO CUTE😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🐼❤🐈

  • LeoRiogio Cyko
    LeoRiogio Cyko

    It’s a pupbee

  • small blue lobster
    small blue lobster


  • strawberry cat
    strawberry cat

    9:50 pawne

  • Max R
    Max R

    4:41 he is the good luck cat, the one that waves

  • nase bear
    nase bear

    DAMIEN! The cat with money on his belly. He’s the Chinese money cat with the waving paw

  • Austin yeet
    Austin yeet

    I ment gone not got

  • Austin yeet
    Austin yeet

    They shrivel up over time until they are pretty much got

  • Austin yeet
    Austin yeet

    With a needle

  • Austin yeet
    Austin yeet

    The balls

  • Austin yeet
    Austin yeet

    They don’t cut them off they take the stuff in side out

  • Inna Ly
    Inna Ly

    Thanks, I was playing fnaf and needed to calm down.

  • Gaming with Theofficialgalaxy
    Gaming with Theofficialgalaxy

    They should have put your channel as r/blessedimages

  • gachaIbby10 ibby
    gachaIbby10 ibby

    Bee "cat".

  • Lord Corvid
    Lord Corvid

    Damien: literally gonna die from the blessed image power Me: you can’t die from a power you possess in such large quantities! Impossible!

  • Kill Fry Eat
    Kill Fry Eat

    I'm from Wisconsin, douchebags drive Audi's.

  • HuskyTroop 08
    HuskyTroop 08

    6:50 When your carpenter dad allows you to have the tools

  • melissa walters
    melissa walters

    Shadow cat not a shadow dog

  • melissa walters
    melissa walters

    That’s a bee cat