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  • Demon & Angel
    Demon & Angel

    1:28 muslim do actually pray 5 times a day but in different times. I know this because i am a muslim

  • Bilimin Sırları
    Bilimin Sırları

    I don't understand how tf Christians think we Muslims worship *Satan* there is even a part of our pilgrim to Mecca that you throw rocks at Demons(not real demons) and we belive Jesus Christ was real too,thing we don't belive is he is not God's son,just a prophet.

  • Bilimin Sırları
    Bilimin Sırları

    Koalas live in Great Emu Empire of Oceania,not Amazon.

  • Southern Hunter
    Southern Hunter

    This sucks....👎

  • Prince Calamba
    Prince Calamba

    There are no koalas in the amazon.only Australia and I think newzealand

  • Donut Likes Ramen
    Donut Likes Ramen

    0:01 he never said THE Amazon so that's on him And koalas don't live in the amazon

  • King Grandpa James III Of the Kingdom Grandpania
    King Grandpa James III Of the Kingdom Grandpania

    You might get some shit if you are white if you are a darker skin color though your ass will get shit thrown

  • Boom b oombiliboom
    Boom b oombiliboom

    People saying boomer is the n word for ageism, but it’s literally their generation name

  • Ethan Hadley
    Ethan Hadley

    Imagine saying English comes from America 🤣🤣🤣 wtaf, this guy is as dumb as the people he has us laughing at

  • Fat Man
    Fat Man

    11:09 wasnt this an episode of the office LMAO

  • Palas Atenas
    Palas Atenas

    0:19 wait, we dont have koalas in amazon rainfosrest! -_-

  • SuperHappyCake

    NASA and the government are hiding a shit ton of stuff from us, dude.

  • Nafe

    I wonder if some of these people see these videos. Would be funny

  • Koala Duks
    Koala Duks

    did he pronounce gnocchi as nochi?

  • Tritonian Devil
    Tritonian Devil

    7:27 Not after the bill was brought up

  • lukasz2284

    11:18 she did the same third time...

  • FrostyPG T
    FrostyPG T

    Since we have soo many megabytes in our eyes the phone company needs to buy real eyeballs for better cameras

  • Neyo

    But koalas only live in Australia... Is Amazon also an organisation or something?

  • G R E G
    G R E G

    For the last time, if you were born in APRIL, THEN ur dad failed NNN. ur not born the same month ur parents f***!

  • Fluffy Floofer
    Fluffy Floofer

    Gnocchi [nyockee] noun, Italian, plural-i, singular-o

  • Fluffy Floofer
    Fluffy Floofer

    Gnocchi [nyockee] noun, Italian, plural-i, singular-o

  • SinovenatorSam YT
    SinovenatorSam YT

    As a Brazilian, the first post made no sense at all. Koalas have never even lived in the Americas at all. The only marsupials in South America are just opposums. The Amazon doesn't have any koalas

  • Hayden TCEM
    Hayden TCEM

    It’s more like a Brit berating someone wearing a Bermuda shirt

  • MemeLord

    0:00 btw koalas don’t even live in the Amazon, completely different continent....

  • eloi Richter
    eloi Richter

    11:48 you can't change what i am friend

  • Potoot

    I was born on the last day of NNN Can my dad get a free pass???

  • Somjyoti Bhattacharya
    Somjyoti Bhattacharya

    Can we just spare a moment to double facepalm the guy who thinks Muslim prayer is worshipping Satan? God damn some Americans are stupid af

  • Creeper Commande
    Creeper Commande

    Her sister was just a jerk

  • Ncr trooper
    Ncr trooper

    It’s funny my family skipped 3 generations in a row my grandfather was a depression kid my dad 1965 lost generations and me gen z

  • samit choudhury
    samit choudhury

    The driver is fine? I want him to get fucked lol

  • Sir Cheese
    Sir Cheese

    3:19 those letters basically means she’s a nurse

  • ℜ𝔞𝔪ó𝔫 ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔞
    ℜ𝔞𝔪ó𝔫 ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔫𝔤𝔞

    1:42 i have the one Muslim guy in Uruguay as my friend, and when he prays, he always prays towards Mecca. If this truly was Muslim prayers, they would be facing the same way

  • ???

    Good lots

  • ???

    2:44 plot twist she didn't like her sister in law

  • Clover’s Videos
    Clover’s Videos

    I dunno dude...these eyes are really advanced and stuff, not like millions of years of evolution could make it


    s i s i t e r

  • - UnbreakebleCow
    - UnbreakebleCow

    10:23 this is fake

  • Federico

    Me being Italian, I physically cringed at his pronunciation 5:03

    • Federico

      Sorry the time is little bit before but you get the point

  • eternal nerd16
    eternal nerd16

    We also finish nnn without suking the pee in again your our bitches now

  • eternal nerd16
    eternal nerd16

    Muslims bless god to we just call him Allah idc if it's a joke I'm fuking mad now

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