Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Hands On - Better Than Razr?
Unbox Therapy
Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip the best folding smartphone so far?
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  • Nanosz

    Samsung z flip:*exists* Nokia flip phone:am i a joke to you?

  • Ben Wipf
    Ben Wipf

    It's not glass

  • Jip van de laar
    Jip van de laar

    its not glass, its still plastic

  • Anthony Chopra
    Anthony Chopra

    i know i can almost fold all my fingers the other way. folding humans

  • James Woolley
    James Woolley

    I honestly like the design of the Galaxy Fold better

  • The Nomad Lifestyle
    The Nomad Lifestyle

    Yeah the crease is definitely there. But I could get used to it. I'd like to see this one being used in MOBA games. Would the fold actually affect the game's graphics and all.

  • John Peter
    John Peter

    Now you are considered rich if you have a flip phone

  • arman sesar
    arman sesar

    Not glass

  • SuperFuzzmonkey

    I miss proper unbox therapy 😔

  • irishcoliny

    Not paying $1400 for a crease.

  • CHO Asub
    CHO Asub

    hay jack

  • Alexander Dingle
    Alexander Dingle

    I'll wait 1-2 years until this gets cheap and I'll definitely buy this.

  • Trurl

    The Razr has much less of a crease...

  • Vincent Scala
    Vincent Scala

    that crease though the razr seemed to have less of a crease

  • Max Geronimo
    Max Geronimo

    I have had the Razr for a week and it's the coolest phone I have ever owned.

  • MeMeRmAn 909
    MeMeRmAn 909

    Must have a bunch of phones laying around

  • F. Chris
    F. Chris

    YEAY! Baby Yoda @ 1:47 ! ! !

  • Valkylva

    Lmao am I the only one who scrolls only using the bottom 1/3 of my phone? They drag their fingers all the way to the middle idk I find that weird.. Also if you wanna do a review for these flip phones you should have a girl put it in her jeans pockets because most girls phones stick out of their pocket and slide out. I’d rather have a flip phone even if it’s bulky

  • Bassem Zammeli
    Bassem Zammeli

    yea 1400$ for a phone is ridiculous i don't care if it folds or can do the splits , I'm not spending 1400$ on a phone you can get a decent gaming pc for that amount

  • yoututubus

    Everything's gonna fold... except for Apple LOL

  • Kade Smash
    Kade Smash

    1400 bucks for a nostalgic updated flip phone...? hell nah

  • william cada
    william cada

    But it’s not a glass screen

  • Jared

    Correction.. 855 PLUS. The over clocked version. Please be accurate.

  • S Simona
    S Simona

    Some said it s plastic Can you do a test if sand gets between the screens or freeze test (winter test)

  • No man Down
    No man Down

    It's not a Glass it is pure plastic!! Please correct you're self. Thank you :)

  • J Banks
    J Banks

    “A beach towel folds too” -Tierra Whack

  • XxxbladeangelxxX

    The fact that a pocket test is being carried out on men's trousers instead of the ridiculously small pockets that women's clothes are equipped with means that it's basically useless as a baseline for anyone who actually needs to consider whether a phone will fit their pocket.

  • Heynando

    it's not glass. why are you calling it glass? why didn't you test it? even fingernails can scratch it

  • kahlilh1

    Wow, so we just went from "flip" to "fold" phones lol I'll pass

  • Kunal Sasane
    Kunal Sasane

    I am just wondering what if a gamer gets his hands on this 😅😅

  • Dalton Petticord
    Dalton Petticord

    I'm waiting for that damn phone where I just raise my hand and a screen appears in front of me that only I can see

  • Dalton Petticord
    Dalton Petticord

    I just can't get behind spending that much on a phone idk why.

  • Tiddyfarts

    Unbox doesn't use CSsoft in dark mode. Unsubbed

  • Great Youtube Name
    Great Youtube Name

    If you were able to put emulators on it, then you could put the touch controls on the bottom screen and play it like a game boy advance sp.

  • The MinemeGamer 00
    The MinemeGamer 00

    Is that a gameboy advanced sp?

  • FrankieYLosMatadoresOficial

    Its actually a plastic screen

  • Suraj Nanda
    Suraj Nanda

    It's 855+.

  • Par Pun
    Par Pun

    Expensive Experimental phone

  • Jacky Ha
    Jacky Ha

    Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Instinct

  • Thavanidhi Das
    Thavanidhi Das

    2:59 watch closely..something is trying to peak ;)

  • whoozy18

    The screen is NOT glass you idiot, it’s plastic!

  • Mike lucas
    Mike lucas

    that screen is fuckin plastic, samsung scams the market by saying its a glass! better then motorola razer

  • sakura hoor
    sakura hoor

    I would buy this but pixels aren't for me

  • Calamitous Reign
    Calamitous Reign

    Sadly the screen isn't actually glass it's plastic.

  • A2Z

    Meaningless findings

  • 끄투한결도미노

    to be honest(korean),i rather buy samsung note 10+. my mom and dad use it,and it seems pretty good XD

  • Owly

    3ds emulator.....

  • Plushy Dude
    Plushy Dude

    What he doesn’t know the screen is made of plastic and will break easily

  • kiwisen

    It is not Glass... it ist plastic... maybe hybrid. But not glass

  • pretty selected
    pretty selected

    Pointless shit, all of it

  • Simon Biffen
    Simon Biffen

    That screen is most definitely NOT glass.

  • theonewhocomment

    can't help to notice, that's a deep af pocket


    We opened and closed this flip phone 1249 times continuously before it finally compromised the bend point with a permanent black line. This phone is a sham and in the next 3-6 months others will be demonstrating it's unreliability and poor design.

  • Michael nadolski
    Michael nadolski

    So Razr or dis?!

  • WAZAAAken Wazaaa
    WAZAAAken Wazaaa

    Never trust Samsung, they tried to explode you with the Note7, now they fool people by calling plastic screen glass...

  • Derrick W
    Derrick W

    This phone looks like a modern gameboy advanced lol

  • neandertalac

    Jery rigged it. Hard

  • Big_Boye

    Is it just me or does this remind me of the gba sp

  • Sans Rage
    Sans Rage

    Aaaaand we’re back to the flip phone

  • コエズMahendra Ruhendi
    コエズMahendra Ruhendi

    Why no caption? what did you expect from my ugly english? T_T