STRANGER THINGS Blooper Reel (2019) Netflix Horror
STRANGER THINGS Blooper Reel (2019) Netflix Horror
PLOT: Bloopers from the science fiction-horror Netflix television series Stranger Things.
CAST: Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sink
DIRECTOR: The Duffer Brothers
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  • Joy Pelep
    Joy Pelep


  • {wøndęr_łøvłęy}

    My name is ketchep and my name is mustard and together were ketchep and mustard!

  • {wøndęr_łøvłęy}

    Noah: today is a new day! A day full of... GIRLS! Finn: YeAeEAh

  • {wøndęr_łøvłęy}

    Finn: is this rehersal? Crew: no Finn: oh, hi editers 😂😂😂😂

  • {wøndęr_łøvłęy}

    Hopper: its chu grandma: el: what wrong with you! Hhaha

  • {wøndęr_łøvłęy}

    Noah: i have seen into the futer and today is a new day a day full of... GIRLS!

  • {wøndęr_łøvłęy}

    El and max: i cant take this... my name is ketchup and my name is musterd and together were ketchup and mustard!

  • Vlínder

    Even when i watched it i laughed at "IT's YoUr GrAnDmA"

  • {•Willow Studios•}
    {•Willow Studios•}


  • Trident Boy11
    Trident Boy11

    *I T S Y O U R G R A N D M A*

  • Danezia Pablo
    Danezia Pablo

    at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="207">3:27</a> it looked like Finn was going to lay with Millie :)

  • Jennifer Sanchez
    Jennifer Sanchez

    Larry:AHHHhh i forgot my line 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂

  • Amy Rushton
    Amy Rushton

    Is it just me or is eleven beautiful since the first series

  • Duo_ GamerGirlz
    Duo_ GamerGirlz

    Scammers be like Reel

  • Sika queen
    Sika queen

    hello my name is sika

  • サpคмσหнค サ
    サpคмσหнค サ

    Só quero a quarta temporada

  • Summer A
    Summer A

    its your grandma lmao i can't stop laughing from that

  • Geneen Sinclair
    Geneen Sinclair

    It's your grandma what's wrong with you scene 😂

  • Carly S
    Carly S

    "such a crazy season." yeah all of us when we finished watching. im still recovering.

  • Amelia Uka
    Amelia Uka

    I would do anything for fillie to be real lmao

  • ItsJelly

    the way that millie said "I can.. do it!" was so adorable 🥺 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="151">2:31</a>


    Who else is here only for the “my name’s ketchup and my name’s mustard. Together we’re KETCHUP AND MUSTARD”!!

  • Fgteev fan
    Fgteev fan

    Is real not reel

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur Fleck

    no wonder why season 4 is taking so long

  • Ashanty Hernandez
    Ashanty Hernandez

    Its your grandma😂😂 it got me Dead😂😂😂

  • Kim Hue
    Kim Hue

    I love how they had to change the word grandma to nana bc they couldn't stop laughing

  • Marilda Santos
    Marilda Santos

    Ho May good

  • Becca Love
    Becca Love

    i love ell and max i was max for howlloen

  • Archie Burton
    Archie Burton

    This is what I sound now hi this is what i sound like 5 years later

  • Amber Hudson
    Amber Hudson

    Millie: i...can...DO IT Noah thinking: wtf is this b**ch doing

  • Yandere - Chan
    Yandere - Chan

    “I’ll use my touch” Said this 10000000000000002 times

  • Diamond xDragons
    Diamond xDragons

    I would have loved to be casted for this show, just as an extra or something but being able to see these sets literally brought back into the 80s

  • Aliciya Davis
    Aliciya Davis

    It's ur grandmaw😂

  • Aliciya Davis
    Aliciya Davis

    At first it looked like Millie almost hit Sadie in the face with the ketchup and mustard😂

  • Izzy

    finn is the ceo of “yeaaaa”

  • Lil Leonaister
    Lil Leonaister

    My name is ketchup

  • hannah

    i t s y o u r g r a n d m a

  • Kate McGrath
    Kate McGrath

    0.28 :)

  • Skitlesss

    i can *dO iTTttTtT*

  • KitKat712

    sis dont even know how to spell real

  • Julia Anos
    Julia Anos

    Its yo GRanDMA

  • Ellie Rosen
    Ellie Rosen

    When millie says do it it's so cute! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="153">2:33</a> her accent is the best!❤️

  • Marina Durham
    Marina Durham

    its your gRaNdMa *laughs*

  • Mr I'm bad
    Mr I'm bad

    You took the whole video from stranger things channel

  • Magical Wizards world
    Magical Wizards world

    The ketchup and mustard bit was the best bit.

  • Teddy RBLX
    Teddy RBLX

    ive never watched stranger things

  • Sacha Jacquet
    Sacha Jacquet

    Is everythings okay ? No, no, i dont think so, its yoUR GRANDMA 😂😂😂

  • Mr Bread
    Mr Bread

    It’s your *g r a n d m a*

  • Avynera

    For almost all video I was like "is Joe Keery really taking his job so seriously so he doesn't have any bloopers?" and then finally at the end xD


    Is your grandma

  • Sarah Anslum
    Sarah Anslum

    This makes me want to watch stranger things 😂😂

  • Jadilyze Santiago
    Jadilyze Santiago

    It’s your grandma is so famous for comedy XD

  • Raleightepotato

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> goddamn

  • farhana makeup
    farhana makeup

    i subed

  • Cloudy_xoxo 30
    Cloudy_xoxo 30

    *Hopper* "Its Your Grandma" *Me*Dieing Of Laughter Barley Breathing

  • Marchaddd l
    Marchaddd l

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="177">2:57</a> OH MY GOSH BILLY THAT BLINK

    • Marchaddd l
      Marchaddd l

      Yea i kno

    • nathan lim
      nathan lim

      Marchaddd l his name is Dacre.

  • Burner Good
    Burner Good

    They did amazing xD

  • Dayday 6297
    Dayday 6297

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a>

  • Angge 07
    Angge 07

    For everyone that not watching Stranger Things.... Search on Google Chrome it has no virus... You can log in too.... And you can search Stranger Things... (Reminder.... Not all netflix movies or movies are in there)

  • Lilly Johnson
    Lilly Johnson

    something's wrong with...NANANANANANA

  • Smirna Contreras
    Smirna Contreras

    My sis and cousin is probably going to act!

  • SqÜidINK_xX :3
    SqÜidINK_xX :3

    All the dislikes are likes from the upside down ;w;

  • FBI

    I love them.

  • SingingWithLily

    it is your grandma

  • Caoimhe McCann
    Caoimhe McCann

    Gaten have up halfway through so he just starts to renegade on the haters 😂😂

  • Kenna YT
    Kenna YT

    Finn:"Is this the rehersal or are we recording?" Crew:"We're recording" Finn:"Oh hell yeaaa, Hi editors" That just sent me lmaoo Finn is also the CEO of saying "YeaAaA"

  • TeeP

    gaten is so cute

  • Soggy_ Toast
    Soggy_ Toast


  • Dark Playz
    Dark Playz

    new Netflix TV show "stranger condiments" featuring ketchup and mustard


    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> on that moment on he knew he messed up

  • Sere Almaraz2
    Sere Almaraz2

    *i"ts your grandma* AJAJAJA

  • HaileeKwinn


  • LifeasFaria xD
    LifeasFaria xD

    Ketchup and mustard lol

  • Z and z Fun
    Z and z Fun

    Hah the beginning I was laughing so much my stomach started hurting

  • I do Stuff
    I do Stuff

    No one: Literally no one: Finn:yEaHhHh

  • Ravjot kaur Rahal
    Ravjot kaur Rahal

    Noah: I have seen that today is a new day a day full of girls oh ...

  • Plxgue

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> nO, no *i don’t think so* *wheeze*

  • Vircorn •
    Vircorn •

    Eleven and max: “My name is ketchup and my name is mustard together were ketchup and mustard!” Billy: wtf

  • Olivia Bushee
    Olivia Bushee

    I love how hopper is so strict on the show but in real life he's so soft and warm hearted. I live for it

  • AriiG

    Falto el blopper del desuellamentes jsjs