Taskmaster | Marvel 101
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Once known as Tony Masters, the Super Villain Taskmaster forgot his old life in order to become a prodigious savant of fighting skills. This week on Marvel 101, get ready to learn what it takes to go blow-for-blow with the best heroes in the world.
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  • Chillin 97
    Chillin 97

    Both excited and scared to see him in black widow lmao

  • Stanley S.
    Stanley S.

    Casual fan here, and bruh.... Just how deep does this Failed Super-Soldier Serum rabbit hole go?!

  • Triani Valentina
    Triani Valentina

    So i guess ant man n wasp could be a great opponent for taskmaster bcs all they have to do is shrink........??

  • minomininni

    Love this guy, I hope they make him justice in the movie.

  • Bryant Smith
    Bryant Smith

    His face 😑 What’s up with his face?

  • MetalGunTalk 2
    MetalGunTalk 2

    To *attempt* to assassinate moon knight.

  • Dr Vanitha
    Dr Vanitha

    Taskmaster was killed by deadpool in comics and taskmaster fears of deadpool

  • Patrik

    He deserves his own movie

  • Gray Fullbuster
    Gray Fullbuster

    I didn't know taskmaster can also forget life with his wife. I'm used to seeing him kicking butts for money

  • Randy1337

    I am Taskmaster.

  • Force Gaming
    Force Gaming

    Easy Talk *He is a COPYCAT*

  • Tonyshazam

    Taskmaster is Black Widows Sister... nice twist marvel

  • Outlaw By Nature
    Outlaw By Nature

    Wish they would make Taskmaster a good guy again, if even for a little while. His wife Mercedes is still in the shadows directing him, there's a new Taskmaster series that just got announced, let's hope for the best.

  • türk hacker
    türk hacker

    Hı only the stanli film only😇

  • Deadpool Chimichangas
    Deadpool Chimichangas

    Hmmmmm interesting

  • PasadenaPeace

    ''causing him to forget his job and his wife'' ...and it all makes sense now🤔

    • MexeM

      @PasadenaPeace 😂

    • bandosa chanel
      bandosa chanel

      he is copying the target sexual orientation and love interest too


    1:04 Hawkeye aim.


    Teacher: u can't live if u copy others baby taskmaster: hold ur choke

  • Ira Ford
    Ira Ford

    Can't wait to see taskmaster in black widow and the avengers game later this year.

  • FunShaman Society
    FunShaman Society

    I Am TaskMaster&BlackWidow~ThAnkFul~SmilingAsAboVeSoBelowAsé⛥♦️)0(/G\🐝🐬💯❤️

  • AndrewAU

    Man, I'd love some Daredevil vs. Taskmaster fights.

  • The Real Hawk
    The Real Hawk

    i wish he still did marvel tl dr

  • HugoS

    He should be a long term underground villain in the MCU.


    Bring me the Ghost Rider

  • Jean

    Taskmaster has always been super cool. His modern look is amazing in the trailer. I wonder if his helmet opens up like Iron Man's?

  • EllaC

    I love the mystery of ''who's behind the mask?''. Another reason I'm totally hype for Black Widow. I can't wait!

  • Boondock

    Hes no Greg Davies.

  • The_Lady _Loki
    The_Lady _Loki

    Love this character SO MUCH !!! it's my phone's wallpaper since 1y and half now 😭😭😂

  • Rocket Raccoon
    Rocket Raccoon

    Me : Devastated about the fact that MCU didn't respect him enough in the Big Screens so that Black Widow and her Russian buddies can look better. MARVEL STUDIOS : Opens the zipper and pees on my wounds with a Taskmaster 101 video. Me: Slowly suffers in depression.

    • One of the many Matts
      One of the many Matts

      @Rocket Raccoon My girl Black Widow is charismatic too. Also we see him copying her style.

    • Rocket Raccoon
      Rocket Raccoon

      @Jean I'm not saying I'm a DC fan. I respect all the time, money and effort both MARVEL and DC put into their movies. I just wish DC characters can be Professional, mature and badass like MARVEL. I don't have any problem with Black Widow and her pals looking awesome and badass. I just want them to do it right. They're degrading a Supervillain who's CHARISMATIC AND RESOURCEFUL enough to go toe to toe with their ENTIRE AVENGERS by himself. The comics proved that as a true fact. MARVEL STUDIOS purposely made Taskmaster lame so Black Widow can enjoy the spotlight at the expense of him. They are making a huge mistake. Last time they did this was on Iron Man 3, Thor the Dark World and Age of Ultron. History showed time and time again how that turned out. I'm not asking MARVEL STUDIOS to put TASKMASTER on a pedestal. I, a random fan, is humbly asking them to give him enough respect to protect his self worth. I am asking them to use him not as a punching bag but as a worthy, badass opponent. All these fancy trailers and he didn't even have a line for himself yet. People never change. 😞

    • Jean

      LOL You remind me of the dc fanboys who pretend to be Marvel fans to attack from the inside. p.s Black Widow looks freaking awesome !!!


    The next big hit

  • Igol.D.Luguno

    he wont beat my boys moon knight

  • Borosin Yas
    Borosin Yas

    I wish him to be strong around ufo

  • Victor Mkhetsane
    Victor Mkhetsane

    At exactly 1:05, gives away. The Task Master in Black Widow has gone up against Steve and Hawkeye

  • B.Rye.N

    ...just here waiting for Phase 4😳

  • Loren z o
    Loren z o

    I will learn how to drive a motorcycle just so I can use the Taskmaster helmet.

  • adam bump
    adam bump

    I love the Taskmaster's missions in Spider-Man PS4 can't wait to see Him in Black Widow.

  • Theamazingspiral

    That UDON Taskmaster redesign is my favorite look for him.

  • Khamûl the Beef Master
    Khamûl the Beef Master

    You know you could have gotten siri to read this.

  • Xendor Dawnburst
    Xendor Dawnburst

    So what if he forgets how to spend money? Or what money even is?

  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley

    So he is basically Deathstroke in Marvel.

    • Jean

      Fun Fact: Deathstroke is a copy of Taskmaster!

  • ladydruyear

    What happened to his wife?

    • John Clark
      John Clark

      She works as his handler, taking care of him despite him not remembering her because she refuses to abandon her husband.


    Cool new vídeo game

  • akash soni study center
    akash soni study center

    Marvel fan dil se ek like 💖💖💖💖👍👍👍👍👍

  • Integrity In Christ Lazlo
    Integrity In Christ Lazlo


  • Gogo

    Brief an on point. :) I kinda wish that it was better shown that being the fighter that he is, and a savy tactician, that he's accomplish feats such as being able to Take down Thor, Fight the Hulk and kept him at bay, took on simultaneous full rosters of avengers all in one go etc.

  • Elibbb1111

    Is good that bring that video cause black widow dont know who he is

  • Jordy Alexander
    Jordy Alexander

    Taskmaster siempre va a ser mi villano favorito

  • akash soni study center
    akash soni study center

    Kon kon english action movie ka fan hai

  • Bobby Farmer
    Bobby Farmer

    I remember taskmaster,I love playing as him in marvel vs Capcom 3,oh yeah he does use sword and shield. Anyway I can't wait see him fight black widow in his big screen debut though.

  • Lanzo

    In live action he needs a strong helmet to protect against super powered beings. That's why he uses a helmet. It's probably made of vibranium to protect against bullets like we see in the trailer.

  • T R E Centododici
    T R E Centododici

    Calling it now. In “Black Widow” Taskmaster will be a former colleague of Natasha, so he will be a female. Hope that at the end we find out the real Taskmaster with is original costume. I’m hoping that they doesn’t “Mar-Vellize” another character, especially someone like Taskmaster

    • Ty Long
      Ty Long

      He is a dude from the leaks script

    • Kobi Brown
      Kobi Brown

      Mar-Vell was such a huge disappointment for me

  • Martin Craw
    Martin Craw

    Can’t wait to see him in action in Black Widow and the Avengers game

  • Blake Lively
    Blake Lively

    Would have loved to see a reference to Finesse here. Their exchange in Avengers Academy was one of the moments that really endeared the character to me.

  • Xavi

    Taskmaster is the inspiration for Deathstroke.

  • F-1z


  • Tonio Diaz
    Tonio Diaz

    Tony "All writers do is use me as jobber" Masters

  • Gerson Breno Froes
    Gerson Breno Froes


  • Windso

    Taskmaster looks awesome!!! I love how he copies Black Widow in the trailer. So sick!

  • SharpPieces

    Can't wait for Black Widow.

  • Samuel Attias
    Samuel Attias

    Into The Dazzling Security