Team Liquid vs Immortals Full - LCS Spring 2020 W4D1 - TL vs IMT
Team Liquid vs Immortals Full - LCS Spring 2020 Week 4 Day 1 - TL vs IMT
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  • Joshua Hitchins
    Joshua Hitchins

    Wasn't impressed with CoreJJ's taric. All of his ults were just a little late. Only time it worked well was <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2450">40:50</a>.

  • ong Cuong
    ong Cuong

    All the fights were terrible

  • iiChuyyy

    Wait sooooooo, we’re gonna ignore the fact that Broxa literally just got to NA like a day before this game? Sheeesh, I guess deductive reasoning is non existent in 2020 but hey, this makes for good entertainment so keep the tiny brain sheep mentality strong and entertain me lol

  • Tomas Romero
    Tomas Romero

    Broxah go back to.lec maybe

  • James Sicat
    James Sicat

    What TL fans were thinking after Xmithie pops off: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2336">38:56</a>

  • michael barone
    michael barone SOmething needs to change! I blame the coaching!!

  • Kofi Quansah
    Kofi Quansah

    Everybody here isn’t giving credit to immortals at all. They really are a top of the ladder team guys

  • Solarsofar

    TL bout to pull a TSM(Coming from a TSM fan btw)

  • Coby

    All TL hate sheesh. The team has had little practice with their new Jungler. Broxah literally arrived to NA a day ago. DL forced to play Senna for majority of games; a champ that doesn't match his playstyle. Don't know why he chose Kalista (terrible champ), but pretty rough transition from an easy to play champ to one of the most punishable / difficult AD carry champs. 4 in a row LCS champions having their first rough start to a season. Chill bros.

  • Seth Dylan
    Seth Dylan

    Xmithie if you can read this, excellent job. Keep jungling with this pro activity! I bet DL is salty af rn xD

  • _GT Comix
    _GT Comix

    TL definitely missing the jungle presence. That is definitely not Broxah.. Dl and Jensen rely on jungle presence and that is definitely not Broxah

  • Ron West
    Ron West

    NA casting. "Xmithie has a defensive ward intelligently placed" *Hakuho cries for all support mains*

    • _GT Comix
      _GT Comix


  • Kenvú A túrmikszgép
    Kenvú A túrmikszgép

    "A magican never comes too late or too soon. Just the right time"

  • Mr kylex9
    Mr kylex9

    Broxah lost on the map as in fnatic were he was carried by his team.

    • Jack J
      Jack J

      Absolutely not true! He's had less than a week to scrim with TL due to Visa issues. He will bounce back for sure.

  • SuperAllelujah

    Time to import a new Adc

  • Alan Delez
    Alan Delez

    We gonna ignore the fact they spelled it "paws" instead of pause

  • Jax Jax
    Jax Jax

    broxah you can do it :(

  • Bryan Jess
    Bryan Jess

    Maybe this will knock some sense into DL and he will change his mindset... saying that this split doesnt matter and laughing off getting stomped is not ok lol

  • Hal

    Wow. TL are just...

  • Junds Art
    Junds Art

    Scammed by EU

  • VnenoMATA Top Lane
    VnenoMATA Top Lane

    Pick rate, win rate? Kalista and taric

  • Jovanni Carrera
    Jovanni Carrera

    Xmithie was the problem LUL

    • Junds Art
      Junds Art

      Scammed by EU KEKW

  • Defcon 3 Security
    Defcon 3 Security

    Senna was the problem

  • Elvis Abner Estevez
    Elvis Abner Estevez

    Haha this game felt 5v1 all inmortals members focused broxah since <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="0">00:00</a>

  • mic nozaut
    mic nozaut

    I guess xmithie "was" really the stable pillar of team liquid

  • Desmond Stephens
    Desmond Stephens

    altec really missed every q for like 2 minutes midlane

  • Raphael Viana
    Raphael Viana

    Lol this is the first time I see a LCS season with 9 teams...

  • Desmond Stephens
    Desmond Stephens

    game paws

  • Nam Do
    Nam Do

    'Give me leesin, I'll give you a win' LOL

  • A-Train

    When you have the entire LCS organization(casters analysts etc) rallying around and promoting the current second worst team in the league people will get annoyed. How about we start talking about TL like they are a good team when they become a good team again, so maybe in Summer. But currently everyone of their lanes is playing poorly.

    • Junds Art
      Junds Art

      aeolius11 Tilted over a comment KEKW

    • A-Train

      @aeolius11 if hes spamming on everything to vie for attention I agree that is lame and I don't like it either. reverse apologies

    • aeolius11

      @A-Train I just responded because it irks me. He literally has this comment on multiple comments, not just this. It's just annoying as hell. Apologies

    • A-Train

      @aeolius11 he literally wrote kek, why did you respond as if it was a serious statement? They lost because all of their laners are playing worse than ever before. Has DL won a single lane this split, honestly curious. Hence why we need to stop acting like they are good. They are a bad team incapable of catching C9 so C9 is the hope of NA and they look better than TL ever did

    • aeolius11

      @Junds Art it's poor macro game from TL that they are losing games. The way you say that they are "scammed" by EU is stupid as f*ck. It's like you're asking broxah to win this game 1v5. Lul

  • P Surge
    P Surge

    Hakuho gives Broxah his first death in the NA LCS

  • Flakey

    Doublelift is trash. He needs to retire.

  • Pham Viet
    Pham Viet

    TL can have Broxah, can't win with Jensen and DL

  • Lawksley

    It's hilarious how quickly people turn on "their team" looool

    • Devastator

      I've always hated TL so I've been waiting for this for years! Finally looking like a 4th place team again, probly worse!

    • iiChuyyy

      Lawksley sadly I’m loyal to the bone. I’ve been a Raiders fan since I can remember 😂. As for league I don’t really have a team I really like, just a fan of individuals that I’d like to see succeed but I do know what you mean. Everyone is starting to turn on TL now like they did TSM lmao

    • _GT Comix
      _GT Comix

      Lawksley no one in this comment section said they’re bad.. they definitely didnt get better tho😕😕

    • Lawksley

      Regardless of how bad they are, this iteration of TL is MILES above 2014 TL, so 🤷‍♂️

    • Lawksley

      I just think it’s funny that there are people in the comment section that will be like “omg they’re so bad now, dl washed up, Jensen washed up” after ONE loss 😂 Like, welcome to sports, people lose lol

  • Spitfire836

    The amount of TL hate in here is hilarious LOL

  • I Cook Tea
    I Cook Tea

    tL dL fans what's the excuse now

    • michael barone
      michael barone


    • sollabec law
      sollabec law

      Trash jungle

    • Iskren Stoqnov
      Iskren Stoqnov

      @Junds Art lol

    • Junds Art
      Junds Art

      Scammed by EU

  • Chris Cummings
    Chris Cummings

    TL is so trash, DL is garbage now, Jensen garbage: always been. What a joke

    • Junds Art
      Junds Art

      Iskren Stoqnov scammed by EU

    • Iskren Stoqnov
      Iskren Stoqnov

      @Junds Art He got there 1 day before the game , he had no chance playing with them , communicating etc. I bet Broxah is the biggest player TL has ever signed , with the most successes behind him and atleast aint washed up like DL

    • Chris Cummings
      Chris Cummings

      @Junds Art what do you mean by scammed by EU, cause of broxa?

    • Junds Art
      Junds Art

      Scammed by EU

  • Vance Symour Bello
    Vance Symour Bello

    Xmithie vindicated and like always, remain very humble. Good job, Jake! :)

    • Jay Sargeant
      Jay Sargeant

      @Br Br Deng for what ?

    • Jay Sargeant
      Jay Sargeant

      @samuricex the only way he is going to be vindicated is if he win the championship

    • Br Br Deng
      Br Br Deng

      @Jay Sargeant u mad?

    • texasallstar6969

      Xmithie smurfs on liquid. Gg wp

    • samuricex

      Jay Sargeant even if you think he should be ashamed, he still vindicated himself...

  • Henri

    Good for xmithie

  • Bryan Diaz
    Bryan Diaz


  • Yokei986

    Jungle diff

    • Junds Art
      Junds Art

      Yokei986 Scammed by EU KEKW

  • Kevin Rojas
    Kevin Rojas