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  • AmyLincod Pinca
    AmyLincod Pinca

    Well I'm probably a teenager but not a kid

  • AmyLincod Pinca
    AmyLincod Pinca

    Of* not or

  • Kasai Rabsatt
    Kasai Rabsatt


  • Erona Ako
    Erona Ako

    I know she s name is ayano

  • Caroline Dela Fuente
    Caroline Dela Fuente

    I mean... I'm not 9 anymore soooo😅

  • Proto Arus
    Proto Arus

    Well screw coppa

  • Ćute gacha Tea
    Ćute gacha Tea

    My parents doesnt care so :p also im under age OvO my parents don’t care

  • Gabriella Barothi
    Gabriella Barothi

    B...but im under 13 but i played mortal kombat at 4 age and I liked it im not sensitive to bloody games

  • Toni Magill
    Toni Magill

    Won't worry I am 16 and just started watching this channel

  • • [ яøѕìє ] •
    • [ яøѕìє ] •

    Yandere simulator/ Yandere dev: This channel is not for kids Me: I am 10 yrs old kid and I've been subscribed to you and get all the notifications and watched all your videos.

  • Nathaniel Helf
    Nathaniel Helf

    im useing my dads account what is youtube gonna do now

  • ciara gray
    ciara gray

    no i’m 11 and watch kubz scouts and it’s funny i watch everyday

  • XxSunsxt SafarixX
    XxSunsxt SafarixX

    Yandere Dev:This channel is not for kids you should not play Yandere simulator or watch this CSsoft channel if u are under the age of 13 Me:Watches CSsoft channel and hopes to one day play Yandere simulator because I can’t download it 😔

  • Cupcake Rose Fisher
    Cupcake Rose Fisher

    What if someone says it’s not for children but they still watch it or play it??

  • Sophia Lopez
    Sophia Lopez

    Yandere Dev: THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN Me who was here since I was 11: YEAh for sureeeee

  • Rehana Kausar
    Rehana Kausar

    Yandere dev:this vidio is for kids Me:watching this since i was 9

  • Icyyy. 33
    Icyyy. 33

    **cries in 10** well I guess I have to LEAVE. 😭 Me 3 or 2 months later : oh look it’s yandere dev. Hm... *And now I’m addicted again that great-*

  • SunFlawer

    I am 9 and I won't haha You aren't my parents My mom lets me play it but she says I shouldnt kill so yeah I can play Yandere

  • Lore Mariel Baltian
    Lore Mariel Baltian

    B-b-b-but I’m a kid and I always watch this!!

  • Ros Farisdy
    Ros Farisdy

    I am 18 now

  • AVE GrapesExGaming
    AVE GrapesExGaming

    Well im 12 i dont care because i am not family friendly

  • SatouTwirlV !
    SatouTwirlV !

    In almost 13

  • ємσтισиαl ĸooĸι
    ємσтισиαl ĸooĸι

    yeah but you wouldn't just change your channel rating in the settings because that would lose you followers, right?

    • Caroline Dela Fuente
      Caroline Dela Fuente

      Lol what😂 And how exactly is that "settings" that you're talking about, works??

  • celery!!

    i’m not the only one that danced to baby shark right?

  • Bink lu Stories
    Bink lu Stories

    Are 13 yrs old allowed to watch your videos?

  • Om Hari
    Om Hari

    COPPA:Let us ban not for kid videos. Me:Yes my COPPA Channels:😭😭😭😭

  • GD Loans
    GD Loans

    It's now under the age of 15 lmaoo

  • MacKenna Calvin
    MacKenna Calvin

    .... i’ve been watching wince is was 8.... i’m 13 now

  • Bun Bun
    Bun Bun

    Well...I am going to be 13 tuesday so I'll be back

  • xX_Jayce_Xx Ya girl
    xX_Jayce_Xx Ya girl

    i mean i’ve been here since i was 11 but i’m 13 now (have been for the past 6 days) so i’m boppin

  • you you
    you you

    I’m 8 and I’ve been playing Yandere simulator since “ School” and now I’m used to killing

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    “This channel is not for kids” Me: NO SHIT!!

  • kate

    I've been watching since I was 9 (I know, yikes) and now I'm 13 so this is legal. 🤠

  • Laura Gacha life
    Laura Gacha life

    😭 Why i love this game so much but i can’t 😭

    • leyleyxo •
      leyleyxo •

      Me too

  • Camila Plays
    Camila Plays

    wepl im 13 now so do i watch or i do not watch ._.?

  • Camryn's Not ok
    Camryn's Not ok

    *Me who’s been here since I was 9:* lmao ok

  • Chiara Fezuio
    Chiara Fezuio

    Well, good that I'm 13 now

  • AtypicalBarrettUser

    I know this is of the topic of this video but why is yandere chan not completely covered in blood when she threw that girl's head into that machine? like she had only a few blood stains on her

  • Denizo italano
    Denizo italano


  • whatever.


  • queen bunnie
    queen bunnie

    ...I'm 10 sooooo yeah hey I'm fine with murderer

    • leyleyxo •
      leyleyxo •

      Same im 11

  • Ms. Duckie !
    Ms. Duckie !

    :D Ik what to say but if im in a bad mood, i would love to see blood to make my day

  • Jacelyna Scarlet
    Jacelyna Scarlet

    And so what? I've seen many people bleeding to their death or crisis since i was 5 at the moment my Grandmother died by THAT accident Some of people did suicide and scrifice for THAT accident. My life is a mess after that, then i found YANDERE things and some other criminal things Myths about the 'Urban Legends' At first it is scary but sometimes it's my way to relax and swept away the pain. I can be a criminal someday because of depression i have.

  • Anthea Neilsen
    Anthea Neilsen

    Boi im 13😉😉😉

  • Random Gacha Editor
    Random Gacha Editor


  • Amanda_Gamer YT
    Amanda_Gamer YT

    I’m a kid l do my care about it

  • Chris P Bacon Gacha
    Chris P Bacon Gacha

    this is close i just turned 13 :0

  • Nancy Refaat
    Nancy Refaat

    i am 10

  • Good_Old_ Fashioned_Freddie
    Good_Old_ Fashioned_Freddie

    “This channel is not for kids” Kids:I sleep

  • Rayangaming65

    well u aint gettin anymore ad revenue cuz of coppa

  • Peachy Bun
    Peachy Bun

    wait I'm 12-

  • V. Hristov
    V. Hristov

    Yey. I am 14 !

  • dark potatoe chan
    dark potatoe chan

    *what if i'm 13?*

  • Itz_Ally Gaming
    Itz_Ally Gaming

    Lol I am already 13 I can play yandere yay!!!!

  • Chant Kanashiro
    Chant Kanashiro

    Lmao i'm 14

  • Kōrudo Music
    Kōrudo Music

    if he didnt make this warning the COPPAs would be knockin on his door

  • Machinima Gothic
    Machinima Gothic

    6:08 Propably half of 18-24 lie about their age to watch everything in CSsoft this is what I did on my first channel and many others

  • Machinima Gothic
    Machinima Gothic

    4:34 Its true you was first CSsoft channel in English which I could understand.

  • bilgisayar manyağı hd
    bilgisayar manyağı hd

    Cehenem ol pislik

  • Adrix Baby
    Adrix Baby

    started at 8 it’s okay tho bc now i’m 13