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When you want to spy on people and be like a secret service agent, you have to start somewhere. Well, in this video I show you some fun tricks to try when you want to be undercover.
If you want to take secret photos of people. Pierce a hole in a notebook and then put your phone inside. This way, when you hold up your book, people will think you’re reading.
If you’re eavesdropping on someone’s conversation but it’s hard to listen, place your phone somewhere near them, connect your air pods or your Bluetooth headphones and then listen to their conversation from far away.
To see what someone wrote on a piece of paper, simply take a pencil and lightly draw on it on the following page. The code and all the secrets they wrote will be revealed.
To open an envelope without damaging it, simply hold it on top of some steam and it will activate the glue. Then you can seal it back again and voila.

1:09 - How to hear what people are saying through the wall
3:05 - Secret way to open an envelope
5:04 - Code secrets you should try
6:20 - How to send secret messages
8:20 - How to get someone’s fingerprints
10:06 - How NOT to leave your fingerprints

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