Watch Sony's new PS5 announcement from CES 2020
At #CES2020, Sony shows the new logo for the PlayStation 5, coming this holiday season.
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  • Tiger Solis
    Tiger Solis

    Stay tuned for the new PS6 logo

  • David Davidsonn
    David Davidsonn

    "our new logo" where ????

  • Justin Everett
    Justin Everett

    I hope ps4 prices will go down when the ps5 comes out

  • TheNikolicp


  • big mamo
    big mamo

    Ohhgott yes 1000€ now take my money pleace 😭😭😭😭😭PLEACEEEEEEEEE PS5

  • Mitchell Baker
    Mitchell Baker

    Dumbest thing ive ever seen

  • Ok

    Xbox is trash


    We already know that PS5 has the features you said dude. Nothing was special in that presentation except the massive screen in the background.

  • Billy Ebaby
    Billy Ebaby

    No more fans

  • Vladimir Arevshatyan
    Vladimir Arevshatyan

    New logo? Are you serious now?

  • mcdus78

    Stupid logo.

  • Michael Lopez
    Michael Lopez

    I hope they make it so we can play digital movies we purchased online from ps store , without be online & add a delete option. So I can delete all these bonus clips. Instead of having the bonus clips in the actual movie they put 5 to 10 separated clips. 😕


    No 5G?

  • U-tube editoR
    U-tube editoR

    PS-*vr* - i suggest investing/re-focusing everything you got into VR, i think you know why...oh, and way more option styles for controllers...

  • jabe TV
    jabe TV


  • erika aquino
    erika aquino

    why is he so old

  • Comrade Stug
    Comrade Stug

    The logo has never changed since PS3, I guess.

  • Telly's Honest Reviews
    Telly's Honest Reviews

    everyone held up their cameras and cameraphones just to take a picture of the PS 5 Logo ! LMFAO !

  • jhon doe
    jhon doe

    "let me show you our new Logo.....$599....oops sorry thats the price"

  • 1Clip1Bullet

    So where do I buy the ps5 logo pls help ?


    Look at our new logo everyone takes the 4 out in puts a 5 in 😂

  • Emily Cool girl
    Emily Cool girl

    Going out my 600$ game 60$ online card to loose in madden

  • Richard Carrington
    Richard Carrington

    How embarrassing!!! _

  • The Gaming Nerd Freak
    The Gaming Nerd Freak

    No love or soul seems to be put in the PS5 so far...... It is sad seeing as sony used to be the best at gaming

  • Bzhar Coutinho
    Bzhar Coutinho

    No hate but this is the shi**iest announcement ever😂

  • Mattej X
    Mattej X

    Please do Simcity for ps5 🙏

  • Keaon AKA Keys
    Keaon AKA Keys

    I’m still sitting here with my ps3 that I got when it first came out

  • Jeezus 12
    Jeezus 12

    How much will it be to purchase it? Any idea?

  • Top Notch Gaming
    Top Notch Gaming

    Wow what a logo. ain't seen that one before!!

  • Top Notch Gaming
    Top Notch Gaming

    Get ready to empty them pockets. Filling mine now

  • Rofanio Rocha
    Rofanio Rocha

    Please sony give to me ps4 pro please I never have ps4 please I live in Of Angola Ndalatando I wont enjoyed for gamers I have 15 years old

  • edgar blast
    edgar blast

    I hope we don't have to play to play online, I won't buy nothing is still the same like the 4

  • Simon Will
    Simon Will

    so this is why my ps4 just broke...

  • V UK
    V UK

    that was a good comedy show

  • FavOnIcon

    lmao that logo


    will the ps5 be backwards capability with ps3

  • Toyricx

    Guy: NEW LOGO! ME: OMGGGGGSHSHJ Audience: 🤔😐📸

  • Propś

    I just hope it's a reasonable prise

  • Valhalla Rising
    Valhalla Rising

    If player can't play video games or getting stuck or never finish games then what's the point of buying games on consoles ? Simply quit playing video games and do something useful or go outside.

  • SoulsIV

    Lets be honest the logo looks cool but its 2020 not 2013, please at least put some work on it, its depressing to see.

  • OiTank

    All the new things in ps5 is nothing the ps5 is just the same as the ps4 where the fixing the error code and corrupted data

  • Hello.


  • Joseph Bloe
    Joseph Bloe

    Love PS but oh dear, this guy?!

  • PW _ gaming official
    PW _ gaming official

    Only Xbox

  • Thanh Binh Doan
    Thanh Binh Doan

    Fortunately, now i am able to buy the marvelous ps3

  • David Patterson
    David Patterson

    Omg! Everybody take out your cameras! The new logo says ps5! Looks just like PS4, but it's a 5 now!!!! 😳

  • Jason Hidalgo
    Jason Hidalgo

    Can’t wait to come ps5

  • aSmallDot

    How horrible will the specs be? From a PC gamer to PlayStation gamers, I'm hoping you finally get something to reach for. At least DDR4?

    • Shivam Maheshwari
      Shivam Maheshwari

      Specs would mostly likely be Ryzen 7 3700x with low clocks, RX 5700xt custom gpu and 16gb ddr6 memory with maybe 512mb for OS.

  • Natty Morgan
    Natty Morgan

    This should have changed the 5 to Roman numbers instead of the standard five. It just a level up from 4 to 5 lol

  • Machinima Minecraft
    Machinima Minecraft

    This whole video was pretty much about the logo that barely changed smh


    if the ps5 is as good as they say it is, i’m switching from xbox to ps

  • BMG7 X
    BMG7 X

    How much is

  • Sam Kool
    Sam Kool

    The crowd is all Xbox fan

  • The Travel Commander
    The Travel Commander

    Ok Xbox Two next , please ......

  • Jayjayexp J
    Jayjayexp J

    Me looking for a time stamp🙄

  • D M
    D M

    “Our brand new logo” Audience: no one claps Bc it’s the same logo lmao

  • Newbodie

    0:04 No. That would be nintendo.

  • Let The Boy Watch
    Let The Boy Watch

    Unfortunately we will have to wait until 2021 maybe even 2022, I respect they are taking their time, it has to be perfect.

    • Newbodie

      No. It will be in december.

  • I Kill For Fun!!!
    I Kill For Fun!!!

    What a joke

  • MagicAyrtonforever

    He's no Steve Jobs for sure.. Not his fault just lacks any excitement whatsoever!