Why Banani is the Best
Homes, offices, food and fashion. Banani is becoming the center of it all. It's also home to our beautiful Banani Marketplace. Come take a look!

  • Solaiman Sayem
    Solaiman Sayem

    apu cantonment a asen deken banani kisoi na . rastai akta pata o paben na norjhor asen

  • abd al
    abd al

    Biya korum Bonanir Maia; mone hoy best Virgin paimu##Malmo2Dhaka

  • Hotel Rose Garden
    Hotel Rose Garden

    Thanks for sharing such a nice video. Before reaching Dhaka, people can book hotels online from the list of a three-star hotel in Dhaka.

  • Hasina Hossain
    Hasina Hossain

    we live in banani dohs. banani best

  • Hasina Hossain
    Hasina Hossain

    banana is no.1 we live in banani dosh

  • Rafsan jamil
    Rafsan jamil

    Xoss place

  • Lingkon sarker
    Lingkon sarker

    Apu faibrat many ki bujlam na??

  • Gamingwithsamir 123
    Gamingwithsamir 123

    Banani is become international hype centre for all, it has everything to offer, whether shopping, dining, entertainment or amusement etc

  • BeautyBuzz. Com
    BeautyBuzz. Com

    one of the best universities in banani did not even mention their name....... but, why?

  • Habib Ayaaz
    Habib Ayaaz

    Carry on!

  • Ashraf Shakin
    Ashraf Shakin

    Dhaka 's Best Area...(1) Gulshan (2) Uttara (3) Bonani (4) Dhanmondi

    • shaon khan
      shaon khan

      Baridharao ase

    • awesome guy
      awesome guy

      Well all the corrupt politicians and government officials live and buy property in gulshan, so it's not as good as you think.

    • Gamingwithsamir 123
      Gamingwithsamir 123

      Ashraf Shakin baridhara & bashundhara is also very good place.

    • WJSN & RED VELVET rules my heart
      WJSN & RED VELVET rules my heart

      Uttara to Dhakai pore na, Dhakar pashe

  • Shahriar Rahman
    Shahriar Rahman

    This one is the coolest so far!